Kelsey Abbott is an absolutely amazing, joyful, uplifting, real and beautiful soul. As one of my Team Betty teammates, Kelsey offered to chat with me to see if we could discover the underlying reasons as to why I was struggling to believe in myself, particularly in the sport of triathlon. For the most part, I knew I was placing an absurd amount of unnecessary pressure on myself to perform well. After a year of epic racing, I felt I had to continue to prove myself and my worthiness, and kept chasing the crazy high standards I set for myself. It left me dreading every single workout; I’d wake up feeling stressed about the workouts on my training plan that day, and in many ways, set myself up for failure. I’d constantly think “You’re not fast or good enough. You won’t make these intervals. This set is too hard.” I wasn’t having any fun anymore.

Kelsey and I talked, she explained to me the difference between goals and intentions, the difference between beginner’s thinking and expert’s thinking, the seven different energy levels and together, we brainstormed ideas and ways to help bring “the fun” back. The whole discussion was so enlightening for me and left me uplifted and motivated to make moves and step in the right direction. The following week, I focused on having fun with my workouts. There were still some intervals to hit, but I tried not to stress about them and focused on doing my very best. My attitude slowly shifted and my workouts actually seemed to get a bit easier by the end of the week. Kelsey and I kept in touch; giving her updates on how training was progressing. It felt as if a road block had been moved or a burden lifted. A few weeks later, I had my first race of the season. The day before the race, I found myself in the same place as when Kelsey first reached out to me; I felt beat down and really didn’t want to race. I immediately focused on changing my attitude and mindset, “I do this for fun” and threw out all expectations, telling myself “just do your best”.

The race was probably the most fun race I’ve ever had! Instead of focusing on my pace and splits, I focused on smiling, giving high-fives and enjoying every minute of the experience. At the end of the day, I crossed the finish line with a huge smile on my face, knowing I had exceeded my race-day intentions. I am still completely blown away and truly believe that none of this would have been possible had Kelsey not helped me through everything. I knew I was struggling, but was at a complete loss in terms of what to do to get over the feelings I was having. Of course there are good and bad days, but with Kelsey’s help, I’m learning to pick out more and more of the good things in each day and training session, and most importantly, having fun! Thank you so much Kelsey, from the bottom of my heart!”

-Elke Peirtsegaele, Kona Qualifier


"It is a rarity to find someone like Kelsey in this world and I am grateful with every interaction that she is part of my path in life.  Kelsey has enhanced my abilities to "dig deep" in sport and taught me strategies to become a better athlete and person.  She has guided me to athletic success and shown me how much I am truly capable of, far beyond what I ever imagined.  In many senses, my dreams have come true and I have Kelsey to thank for being part of that journey.  I am filled with love, appreciation, and pure joy to know this incredibly special and talented Confidence Coach!"

-Jennifer Kenney, Kona Qualifier


"I don't know how best to put into words what performance coaching has done for me. It's a feeling that words cannot do justice. Performance coaching has been the biggest challenge that I have faced in this sport.

What do you do when things get really tough? What happens when things really suck? Do you throw in the towel? Do you allow yourself some slack because you have had a hard day and you deserve it? Do you quit and tell yourself that maybe you just aren't cut out for it?

What if I told you that the secret to unleashing your greatest potential is connecting your body to mind? Would you believe me?

When I first started working with Kelsey 3 years ago I only wanted triathlon coaching. I had signed up for my first 70.3 and I wanted someone to tell me what to do. I wanted someone to help hold me accountable. I remember looking through the website for her coaching services and saw two types - triathlon coaching and performance coaching.

I laughed at the thought of performance coaching. I didn't believe in it. I chose triathlon coaching. At that point I wasn't an athlete. While I saw improvements in my performance I was inconsistent. I wasn't a runner. I wasn't a swimmer and I wasn't a biker. I was slow. I wasn't thin enough. I would never be able to compete at the same level as other triathletes I had seen. I wasn't as fit as I thought I was. I sulked after a "bad" race or "bad" training session. I would never fail..... This is all not true.

After my first 70.3 I decided I was going to keep working with Kelsey. I wanted to keep improving, growing, changing and competing. I got through my second season with a lot of breakthroughs and improvements. I developed more trust in myself, trust in Kelsey, trust in the process. I became more confident and took more risks. With the end of the second season I wanted more. There was something missing. Something just didn't feel right.

Performance coaching has taught me to train my brain. I have learned to think deeply and connect my mind with my body. I didn't quite get the extent of what I learned until I competed in my first race of this season, Ironman Barcelona 70.3. I went into this race relaxed, calm, and ready. I responded instead of reacting to situations out of my control. I felt unstoppable. I remember talking to Kelsey the week after my race and all I could say was "Performance Coaching works, it really works."

That was the day that everything changed. That was the day I transcended into a completely new level of awesomeness. The truth is.. Performance Coaching isn't a one and done deal. You don't get an hour of power and then poof.. your life is changed and everything is solved rather it is a commitment to oneself. This will be the hardest challenge you will take on and it is going to be hard but it's going to be worth it. For me, this is just the beginning.

-Jensine Fraser, Heart-Driven Warrior


"Kelsey. Her work. Her words. Her support. Our work together. All of it has changed my life – it’s helped me to heal old wounds from the past and get back to dreaming BIG. She’s magic. Truly. Her questions get me every time. And by get – I mean they’ve walked me to so.many.aha moments and helped me to reframe and think about things differently. She’s helped me to break out of my box and FULLY step into my light – especially our last work together RE gremlins!! I’ve been a competitive athlete for most of my life – always seeking external validation from coaches. And in a way, I was looking for that from Kelsey when I first started working with her. She didn’t feed into that – because doing so would have kept me safe and small in my box. Over the last three years, we’ve done energy work together, group coaching and private gremlin work. Through it all, she’s helped me to gain clarity – and understand that the answers were already within me. I’ve learned to trust myself. I’ve learned to lead with self-compassion and grace. And I’ve learned to let go of the assumptions and stories that hold me back. I have known Kelsey for 28 years (whoa!) – first as a teammate and birthday twin (true story – we share a birthday!). I’ve always known Kelsey to be a force of love – and her work today is in full alignment with who she’s always been. She’s a soul sister for sure – and I am so grateful that she’s been a part of my journey."

-Samantha Arsenault Livingstone, Olympic Gold Medalist and owner of Samanthalivingstone.com

Jessica Frazier

"The most important things in life get messy, tangled, and overwhelming; this is exactly the moment when you must reach out to Kelsey.

Recently, I have been fighting a massive battle between my head and my heart.  Working with Kelsey is like coming home to myself. She asked me gentle, guiding questions that helped me recognize and understand the separate parts of myself, which also helped me understand my fears and focus on my true motivations.

She helps me know and believe that it's OK to listen more to your heart... the rest will follow in time. Kelsey's approach is to focus on positivity and love, and then letting everything flow and fall into order after that. Seriously- after only speaking with her for one session, it helped me make decisions that I had been agonizing for MONTHS over. She is that good. I would recommend Kelsey to anyone who feels a little stuck in decisions, love, goals, or life in general. Her energy and guidance will give you the extra push you need to decisively pick and follow your own path with peace and clarity."

-Jessica Frazier, Heart-driven Explorer

Rachel Lawson

“The best way to describe where I was, versus where I am now is that I know my worth. I know what I deserve. I know what I am capable of and I'm not afraid of to speak up and ensure my needs are met and that my voice is heard. I was very timid when we first started working together, afraid to speak up for fear of someone disagreeing with me or saying things only I believed to be true about myself (i.e. that idea is dumb, and therefore, I'm dumb). I'm much more confident now. I don't believe those negative things about myself anymore (or not as often and if those feelings do creep in, they don't stay long). I still have off days; days when I'm not so sure about myself or days when my confidence is delayed in arriving, but I don't see those days as empty anymore. Those days are where growth happens and I'm stronger the next day because I know who I am and what I'm worth. It is because of working with you that I can look at any situation and either say, "Wow, that did not shake out how I thought it would, but I learned. Give me another try at it and I will succeed," or "Damn it feels good to be a gangster! Go me!" Seriously, I can't thank you enough for reminding me that I get to decide how each day goes and only I write the story of my life. Thank you for helping me feel whole. I feel like I’m unstoppable. I feel like Wonder Woman.

-Rachel Lawson, Wonder Woman


My first impression of Kelsey was that she is thoughtful, very knowledgeable, and will make you feel comfortable. Laughs and giggles are guaranteed. She knows exactly what questions to ask to get you diving deep into what you are currently facing. I had many ah-ha moments with her and with her encouragement, I faced my fears and launched my business to the public. If you're looking for someone who's supportive, will help you push your boundaries, and leave your comfort zone, then Kelsey is your girl.

- Michelle Simpkin


One 30 minute session with Kelsey knocked my self imposed blinders off. Kelsey took me by the hand and led me through my cluttered path of confidence reducing fears with grace and ease asking questions which gave me new perspectives resulting in some release and new found confidence.

I know with more time with her I would gain even more perspectives, insights and tools to use to negate my fears even further and gain more confidence.

- Tammra Sterling


I am very thankful for the space Kelsey gave me to shape my plans for the future of my business. To Kelsey’s future clients I say – have your paper and pen handy! Kelsey will extract all your best ideas very quickly and you don’t want to miss a moment of your own wisdom. Kelsey kept encouraging me to build on my ideas, which lead to some really innovative plans being formulated. I can’t wait to implement them with my clients.



- Dianne Harrison


This lady is awesome and amazing. I remember the moment she called and just thinking, “okay, what do I say now and explain what I need help with?” But she seemed so familiar to me, it was like speaking with a friend I had known all my life. I bounced from one thing to the next, until we really found out the problem, and damn, it was like BOOM, all this weight came crashing down and amazing Kelsey came to the rescue. But not in a way you would think. She broke it all down for me and gave me a much-needed kick in the butt. And now I’m moving forward with what I want, and I’m so thankful for her being there to encourage me and help me face my fears.



- Grecya Vidal


Kelsey is amazing to work with. Her super smart questions led me deep into my “Why” and helped me to gain quick clarity on my purpose. If you are ready to play BIG then look no further.



- Stacie Kenton