Ctfo Intensive







Breathe those words in, my friend. How does it feel?

Did you feel your body soften? Did you come back to yourself? Did you breathe a little deeper? Did you feel yourself expand into your power?

THIS can be your new normal.


Join me for the CTFO Intensive--Five Days to help you Chill the F Out with Mindfulness and Meditation this holiday season

We'll meet for five live classes on December 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14. And in between those classes, we'll connect in a private Facebook group. Classes will be recorded if you can't make it live (BUT you’ll get the most out of your investment if you come to each class live.)

Learn to meditate—your way.

Find a way to make meditation a non-negotiable part of your day.

Learn to give zero F**ks about what other people think about your meditation practice (AND LIFE).

Breeze through the holidays with ease.

Find a way to lead with love.

Show up as your best self with every human you meet.

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The CTFO intensive: 5 Live (and recorded) classes and a private Facebook group

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"Kelsey’s CTFO class was exactly the perfect thing I needed to help stay grounded and connected to what is important during a crazy time of year.  I had many take-aways but the real game changer is pondering the question: If my energy was sacred, what would I do differently?  By working through this question, I am setting up new practices that will allow me to focus on what matters most.   The other participants were a fabulous mix of amazing human beings who made it interesting to CTFO with, in an intensive and effective manner. I love Kelsey’s curiosity and spaciousness in the way she leads a group. Kelsey is this fascinating mix of zen, mindfulness with a huge-ass edge."

-Jenn Barley


"I participated in Kelsey's inaugural CTFO workshop with some hesitance.  As a psychologist, I'm often skeptical about others' ability to instruct me in wellness - not that I know it all, but I often find that I need something deeper than what others can provide.  I was not disappointed by this workshop!  The true beauty of this program is that Kelsey not only shares her knowledge and life experience, but that she is incredibly gifted at drawing out the best from all of her participants so that I could listen to and learn from a variety of incredible women from different backgrounds.  I was refreshed and excited after each session.  Give yourself this gift."

- Courtney Pollman-Turner


"Participating in the CTFO intensive was like the tough loving kick in the pants I needed to recenter on what was important for me, in my business, my life vision and my goals. There is so much noise in the world and tunnel vision often takes over, causing us to lose our confidence in who we are and why we're here. The format Kelsey took with this 5-day approach is brilliant for every-day life feasibility and realistic implementation. Bite-sized, impactful pieces for your personal wellness and business development... like bootcamp for real success."

- Amanda Ward


“I decided to take Kelsey’s inaugural CTFO Intensive, somewhat on a whim (not my usual approach) at a time when I had so much going on that I actually thought, “Yeah, CTFO is probably just what I need about now!” So glad I listened to that intuitive hit and followed thru, as what has come from the experience has stayed with me – not something I always feel from a workshop. What I gained was a greater sense of calm, presence, and perspective by fully joining the space that Kelsey uniquely created and held for the participants -- a fun mix of folks from all over the country. Kelsey’s style, warmth, humor, humility, patience, perspective, and grace all come together to make everyone feel heard, supported, and celebrated. I loved that she shared her own trials and learning experiences, making what she offered all the more authentic and credible. Kelsey demonstrates what it means to be zen and focused at the same time. Give yourself the opportunity to learn to “CTFO” and reinforce that with some coaching time with Kelsey to really help you seal the deal! You won’t be disappointed.”

- Dawn Van Dyck