2 New Ways to Uplevel Your Life With Me

I love coaching. I love everything about it—the relationship, the process, but most of all, I love watching clients shed the stories that have protected them for so long as they step into their own power.

But coaching isn’t for everyone.

Committing to a coaching relationship is a big investment in yourself. And some people may not be ready to do that. I get that.

And that’s why I’ve created these two new services. They’re perfect for people who want to take a step towards their highest potential, but aren’t looking for the commitment and investment of coaching.

Core Desired Feelings Coaching Sessions

I am now offering stand-alone Core Desired Feelings Coaching Sessions. As a licensed Desire Map facilitator, I have been doing these sessions within my coaching relationships for over a year. I recently realized, however, that they could be equally valuable to people outside of a coaching relationship.

In these sessions, we examine how you want to feel in all aspects of your life and we establish “goals with soul.” Instead of focusing on things you want to accomplish, we connect you with your true desires and your true self.

So far, clients have found these sessions to be both enlightening and freeing. The investment for one 60-minute Core Desired Feelings Coaching Session is $250. Email me to book your session.

“My Core Desired Feelings session with Kelsey enabled me to experience and discover parts of myself that I always new were alive inside of me, but never had the ability to articulate. Kelsey’s insightful curiosity allowed me to illuminate a part of myself that has allowed me to be more conscious in how I set intentions for myself. The confidence I feel having obtained this new awareness of who I am left me feeling passionate and inspired to create more in my business as well as in my personal life. Whether you are at the beginning of your journey of self-discovery or consider yourself a veteran seeker of truth, experiencing a Core Desired Feelings discussion with Kelsey will free you to unlock the universe inside of yourself and expand your heart.”

             -Nicholas George

Personalized Visualizations

Sometimes we know exactly what we want, we just don’t know how to get it. Visualizing ourselves achieving the outcome we want can be a powerful way to nudge us towards our goal and help us show up with confidence.

I’ve created personalized visualizations for clients who were aiming to achieve all manner of goals. They range from athletes preparing for training sessions to those preparing for major races. Through visualizations, I’ve helped a speaker prepare for her TEDx talk and an entrepreneur create the businesses of her dreams. Visualizations have helped clients create the supportive and loving partnerships they seek, create a better work-life balance and even helped clients become more mindful.

Visualization is a proven tool that can help you show up as your best self in any situation. The investment for one personalized visualization is $89. Email me to give yourself that extra nudge.

“When Kelsey offered to do a visualisation for me I expected to be sent a mantra or some phrases to repeat, what I received was way better than that. Kelsey really took her time to understand what it was I was after for my visualation, she asked questions that made me think about my response, I did squirm a little at putting my hopes and dreams out there. The squirming was worth it! When I first listened to what Kelsey had sent me I was blown away, she completely nailed it! The visualisation really spoke to me and just by thinking of some of the key things I can take myself to the calm place that I am in when listening to Kelsey's words. I'm looking forward to putting the butterflies and firecrackers to work at my 70.3 race tomorrow! Thanks again Kelsey! You rock!”

            -Nadine Voice

“Kelsey made a recorded Visualization for me in my preparation for Ironman Los Cabos. Before making it she asked many questions about the race, my motivation, my goals...

When I first listened to it I could not help but smile all the way through. It was perfect! She incorporated all the things I told her in some way, and made it so creative and fun!

I carried this visualization in my head leading up to the race and each time it would make me smile. During the race I drew on some parts of it to get me through the hardest points especially

Kelsey’s care and compassion definitely show through her creations. I STRONGLY recommend trying one out for yourself! Whether it’s a big race, or any goal event you have, Kelsey can help you be as mentally prepared and strong as possible.

Yes, you can visualize yourself, but it’s SO much better listening to someone walk you through it with creative spins that you’ve never thought of.

Thanks Kelsey for creating something that is unique to me and for me!”

            -Andree Miceli,

“I got a personalized visualization from Kelsey in preparation for my TEDx talk and it proved to be a valuable tool.  Her easy to follow style was relaxing and the way she customized it for me and the talk was both moving and empowering.  I'm a proponent of doing my own visualization and this was taking it up a level, truly building confidence and energy.   I could tell that Kelsey truly does this from the heart and she absolutely embodies finding her awesome in all that she does!”

            -Elizabeth McCourt

“I so wanted to wait to listen to the visualization the night before my race, but I was feeling super down today after work. I swam at 5:30 this morning, worked and had a run to do after work, and I was really not feeling the run after work. It's cold, wet, rainy... The treadmill was what I was going to have to do. The mind games started--I was supposed to be resting and getting ready for IM etc etc. Anyways, I decided I needed a push and laid on my bed, took a deep breath and pressed play. THANK YOU, KELSEY! You are an awesome, spectacular, encouraging, one of a kind angel!!! After listening to your message, I jumped up and got my workout done. I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!! I am strong, I am dedicated. I am badass and I WILL become an Ironman soon. And your words will push me through those 140.6 miles. Thank you, Kelsey!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!”

            -Aimee Reeves