Be Brave

Be brave.Just be.

Being a badass means being brave.

It takes bravery to jump out of a plane. It takes bravery to quit your job. It takes bravery to hike the Appalachian Trail. And sometimes it takes bravery to pick up the phone.

But sometimes the bravest thing you can possibly do is sit still. It takes bravery to slow down. It takes bravery to be present. It takes bravery to unitask.

And it takes bravery to really truly see yourself in all of your perfectly imperfect awesomeness.

And that's what this week's video is all about.

My Wish For You

I got out of the pool before I wanted to this morning. I had finished my workout, but it felt incomplete. It was shorter than the workouts I’d been doing the week before. It was easier. It was more deliberate. I felt unfinished—and I loved it. You see, I’m currently in the foundation period of training. That’s the period where we slow down to go faster, where we break things down to build them up. Like building a house (or an empire), we build it brick by brick, creating a solid foundation on which to build our masterpiece.

What will that masterpiece look like?

I have no idea, but I trust this process. I trust my coach and I trust my body. I know these foundation workouts will pay off during peak training and racing. I don’t know exactly how or when they’ll pay off and that’s what I really love.

I love uncertainty. I love waking up each day and wondering what awesomeness awaits.

I love being curious. I love wondering. I love being wide open to possibilities.

And not just in triathlon. When I launch a new program in my business, I have no idea how many people will sign up. But I’m open to possibilities. And when I met my husband, 13 years ago, I had no clue I would marry him. That’s where the magic is—in wondering, in being completely present in the moment, in being curious.

Imagine knowing all the answers. Imagine having all the skills you’ll ever need.

Sure, it sounds easy. But where’s the fun in easy?

The joy is in the exploration, in the adventure, in the learning. It’s in the challenges—and the failures. It’s in the scheming and the dreaming and the wondering.

And so I wonder, will I be running a 40-minute 10k when I thank my body for these foundation workouts? Will I be swimming a 1:10 pace when I smile at the memories of swimming with a pull buoy between my ankles? Will I be on a world speaking tour when I look back fondly at these hours writing blog posts?

I have absolutely no idea—and that’s the beauty. I’m in the process. I’m in love with the process.

That’s what life is, right? A process. There’s no final destination. It’s all about the journey.

And so my friends, I wish that your journeys will be filled with curiosity, openness, wonder, trust, learning and evolution.

And if that journey leads you to Beauty, Balance and Badassery, wonderful! I look forward to seeing you there! The doors will close again on Wednesday, November 26. Oh, and did I mention that we’ll be doing some fun stuff to say goodbye to 2014 and welcome 2015 with open arms, curiosity and intention? Don’t miss out.

Be curious