Do It From Love

Do It From Love

Before you watch this week's video, I want to tell you a story.

I had a swim-bike brick on my training schedule last weekend and since the lakes are still a wee bit chilly here in Maine, that meant heading to the local Y to swim and then heading out on my bike.

My plan was to swim 3 x 1000, starting each one strong and settling in to my half ironman pace. I jumped in the pool and felt like a rockstar for the first 100 yards, felt strong for the next 100 and then backed off into a comfy effort. I was cruising at that comfy pace when I heard the whistle. My first instinct was to change directions (thank you, water polo) and then I realized that it was a long whistle and then I realized that it could only mean one thing: a pool pooper.

Yup, 275 yards into my workout, someone had foiled my plans. The lifeguards told me it would take 15 minutes for them to remove the offending substance and shock the pool before letting us back in.

I wasn't so sure I wanted to get back in a pool that had recently been pooped in. Nor was I sure that I wanted to get in a pool that had just been shocked with chlorine. But...I have a race coming up. This was a key workout in my race preparation.

I was conflicted, so freaking conflicted.

And then I remembered the video I had planned for y'all this week and I asked myself how I could choose from love.

Loving myself, I realized, meant not putting my body into a recently pooped-in, heavily chlorinated pool. It meant trusting my training, saying "va bene" and getting on my bike a lot earlier than planned.

I knew this was the "right" decision. It felt good in my body. I felt my chest and shoulders relax. I felt a smile creep across my face. I felt free.

(And, FYI: The universe confirmed my decision by sending a messenger into the locker room to announce that it would actually be at least an hour before the pool reopened.)

Watch this week's video and please share how you will do it from love this week.