Dream Really Freaking Huge, But Keep It Real

I raced in Florida last weekend. It was wonderful and amazing and crazy-hot.

I talked to a lot of athletes after the race and heard so many people beating themselves up.

"It wasn't my fastest race," said one.

"I wish I'd dug deeper on the run," said another.

"I didn't do what I'd hoped to do," said an athlete after accepting his award on the podium.

How do you think these athletes felt when they were beating themselves up?

Shitty. They felt shitty.

So why did they do it?

Because they have dreams--really freaking huge dreams. They are hungry for their dreams. They think about their dreams every day. They work towards their dreams day after day for months and years. They CRAVE their dreams.

And if they keep working the way they've been working they WILL reach their dreams.

But they can't control the world.

They can't control the weather.

They can't control other people.

And they can't control exactly when their dreams will come true.

Watch this week's video for more on keeping it real when your dreams don't come true in the exact way you had planned.

P.S. There's a fine line between making excuses and keeping it real. Keeping it real is empowering. Making excuses is disempowering.