From Good to Great

I’ve raced four times this season. Each race has been like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich—good and nourishing, but not spectacular and game-changing. In training, I am strong and getting stronger with each session, but so far I haven’t put it all together on race day.

I recently shared these thoughts with my coach and his response was brilliant:

“The hardest thing to accept is that when you want to be great, you need to be just good in the build up. You have the choice of always being good plus a bit extra, or being good most of the time and great when it matters.”       -Kyle Burnell

Yessssss. Of course I want every race to be spectacular. I want every training session to be a game-changer. I want each workout to be THE workout that makes me faster. Let’s be honest, I want to high-five unicorns on a daily basis. (Or part of me thinks I want to. But would it be magical if it happened every day?)

When we want to be great, when we want to high-five a unicorn, we have to do the work. And the work isn’t all that exciting.

When you write a book, you’ll write some jaw-droppingly gorgeous sentences and you’ll write some sentences that are just fine. They get the job done. But if you slave away trying to make every sentence as gorgeous as the last, you’ll never finish the book—and neither will your readers.

What’s more, if you beat yourself up about the less spectacular sentences, you’ll use up some of the energy you could be putting towards crafting those amazing sentences. The “solid” sentences make the spectacular sentences shine. The spectacular sentences are the ones we remember, but the solid sentences are the ones that tell the story.

The solid sentences are the steps we must take to get to the spectacular ones.

The same goes for building a business. You will put some good stuff into the world and you will put some f-ing awesome stuff into the world. But you’ve gotta put out the good stuff to get to the great stuff. You’ve gotta free yourself from the need to be great every single minute in order to create the path to your greatness.

There’s no such thing as an overnight success. Greatness doesn’t just happen. There’s a whole lotta good that paves the way for greatness. Trust the process.

What do you think? Where in your life are trying to skip over the good to get to the great? Where are you struggling to trust the process? Come on over to Own Your Awesome and share your experiences.