How to Get What You've Been Waiting For

“Wait, Makai.”

He looked at me with his big brown eyes, knowing I couldn’t resist them. And still I said, “keep waiting.”

I sat outside a campground office with my 10-year-old dog Makai while my husband went in to pick up our mail.

Makai sat, then lay down, then jumped up and looked at me.

“Keep waiting,” I kept saying, “good boy.”

Guests came in and out of the office, each one stopping to comment on the beautiful dog. He’s a celebrity. We’re just his entourage.

Makai shifted once more, and once more I reminded him to wait.

And then I laughed out loud as I heard my own words and the irony of it all.

Wait. Keep waiting.

That’s what the universe is saying to me right now.

I’m loving our adventure AND craving a home base—a place to put down some roots (in a pot), a sacred space where I feel grounded and empowered, a launching pad (and a place to keep more bikes).

I’m ready to find that place, but the universe isn’t ready for me to find it just yet.

So it tells me to wait, just as I’m telling Makai to wait.

Do you know what I’m talking about?

You want something. You’re craving something. And yet getting it is out of your control.

Maybe you want a new home or a new job. Maybe you’re waiting for an injury to heal. Or maybe, like millions of Americans, you were waiting for April the giraffe’s baby to arrive.

Waiting. It can feel so hard. We know what we want. We search for it. We push for it. And yet nothing happens.

Here’s the thing: When the time is right, it will feel easy. When the time is right, it will be so obvious.

But when our desire to know the answer outweighs our desire to enjoy where we are right now, we hop on the struggle bus.

And how do we get off the struggle bus? We stop spinning.

We stop trying to attach ourselves to expectations.

We let go and dive into the “right here” and the “right now.”

We listen to our body and we listen to our soul.

We do the work.

We focus on what we can control.

We stop making life so hard and allow it to be ease-filled.

And then, when we let it be easy, when we’re connected with our bodies and souls, when we stay present…that’s when we’ll experience flow. That’s when the universe will show us the next step.

You see, just wanting something isn’t enough. Believing that we can have something isn’t enough. We have to be truly ready to receive it.

Over to you. What do you need to let go of to be really truly ready to receive whatever it is you’re waiting for? Come on over to the Own Your Awesome Facebook group and join the discussion.