How To Reach Your Highest Potential

If you're an athlete or an entrepreneur or a parent or a teacher or a student--or a human,really--you're probably striving to be your best self.

And if you're any of those things, you've probably experienced self doubt.

Maybe you've asked yourself, "Why the hell am I doing this?"

Maybe you've found yourself feeling like a turd after comparing yourself to those around you.

Maybe you wonder if you're good enough.

Maybe you think, "this is stupid" or "I'm tired" or "I can't do this."

Maybe you think, "I just don't have it today" and want to walk away.

This is what we do. We make up stories.

And those stories often keep us from performing our best.

But they're just that--they're stories just like Little Red Riding Hood or the Three Little Pigs. We don't have to believe them.

Watch this week's video for more about how stories can interfere with us being our best selves.