It's Time to Celebrate!


Psst! Guess What? You’re awesome. It’s time to acknowledge that.

We all do awesome things every single day, but we rarely even acknowledge our own brilliance or accomplishments or awesomeness.

Let’s change that pattern. Instead of taking the great stuff for granted, let’s celebrate it! Did you see a beautiful flower this morning? Did your dog greet you with a wiggly butt? Did you make yourself a delicious dinner? Did you “moo” at the cows as you ran past them? Did you swim outside? Did you listen to the birds sing? Did you see the sunset?

The more we celebrate the inconspicuous awesomeness in our days, the more we’ll notice just how much awesomeness we typically take for granted—and how truly awesome our lives are.

Join me in this adventure. Let’s inspire each other to seek out the inconspicuous awesomeness in our days. It’ll be like a giant scavenger hunt where everyone wins. Let’s make this a thing—no a movement.

Here are the super-simple rules: Post your inconspicuous awesomeness on social media using #inconspicuousawesomeness and #theathletetalks and follow my adventures in inconspicuous awesomeness on instagram (find_your_awesome) and twitter (@mauka2makai).

Ready, Set, Acknowledge Your Awesomeness!