The Magic of a Month


Humans are magical creatures. When things aren't going well, we suddenly believe we can predict the future.

Whether we're injured, ill, in a crappy relationship, struggling with a project or just bumming about a stretch of cloudy weather, we tend to believe that it will never end.

And what happens?

We heal. We repair the relationship--or extract ourselves from it. We finish the project. And the sun comes out.

It gets better.

And yet, no matter how many times we learn that, we still have a tendency to think that this time will be different, that perhaps the sun has finally run out of light.

It hasn't.

It's just that we forget to trust. We forget to trust in the magic of a month or a year. We forget to trust that the sun will come out when we're ready for it.

It will happen.

When things are shitty, follow these simple steps:

1) Accept. Be aware. Observe your situation and accept that it is what it is. No judging, just acceptance.

2) Do work. Do any work that needs to be done. That work may include grieving, resting and asking for help--or it may mean digging deep into your soul. You'll know what has to be done. Do it.

3) Trust. The universe really truly has your back--although it sometimes has a wacky way of showing it. Trust in time. Remember that time moves super slowly when you're in it. But, when you look back on this period of suffering and growth, that month or year will feel like an instant.

The sun will shine again and so will you.

And for those of you want a visual reminder of the magic of a month:

July 20: I got a really bad blister during a triathlon.
July 20: I got a really bad blister during a triathlon.
August 20: Almost all healed.
August 20: Almost all healed.