The Magic of Gratitude

Gratitude is the magic that pulls you

In last week's video, I told you about how I responded to a broken timing chip during the Challenge Knoxville Half Aquabike.

Actually, I only told you the first half of the story. I ran into the transition area in the pouring rain. My busted chip was in my hand. I peeled my wetsuit off, put my bike shoes on, strapped on my helmet and put on my sunglasses. I couldn't see anything. I took my sunglasses off and left them with my wetsuit. And then I got to work, finagling my strap so that it would stay around my ankle. It took a few minutes, but I was finally ready to go.

But....I was grumpy.

I was annoyed that I'd taken so long fiddling with my chip and really hoped the sun wouldn't come out and blind me while my sunglasses were up to 30 miles away.

I let myself feel the grumps.

I grumbled and snarled to myself for a few miles.

And then I saw some volunteers standing in the pouring rain and I felt my heart swell and felt the grumps fade away. And I said "thank you."

And then I was back. I was on bike in the rain and I was racing. I was present. I was grateful that my chip was around my ankle, but I'd moved on. I was grateful that it was still cloudy and gray, but I'd moved on.

Gratitude is magical. You can't beat yourself up about the past and be grateful at the same time. You can't be anxious about the future and be grateful at the same time. Gratitude pulls you back to the present. And the present is where the magic happens.

I talk all about the magic of gratitude in this week's video. Make sure you watch all the way to the end because I have a very special offer for you!