There's a Time and a Place to Suck It Up

I stood on the pool deck, looking up at the dark wooden ceiling. And then I looked at the brick walls on either side. The place had a bit of a dungeon feel and didn’t fit my definition of an inspiring pool. Yet, we were considering moving to this city, and this pool would be the pool I relied on for a few months of the year. “At least it’s not freezing,” I thought.

Wait. What?

What’s this “at least it’s not…” bullshit? That’s not my style. I don’t settle. I thrive. I don’t default. I create.

I live a life of choice. And I choose awesomeness.

In the chaos of our busy lives, we tend to fall into the trap of tolerating. We tolerate the messes. We tolerate behavior that doesn’t make us feel honored. We tolerate relationships that don’t inspire us.

We listen to the Should Monster. We follow the so-called rules that tell us what we’re supposed to be doing in our lives rather than realizing that we get to choose what we’re doing in our lives.

And we rationalize all of it, saying things like, “it’s better than nothing,” “it’s good enough,” “nothing’s perfect” and “at least it’s not…”

We explain away our right to awesomeness, and settle into the meh.

Ugh. Let’s stop doing this, okay?

You, yes YOU, have every right to do what makes you happy. And that means that you also have every right to say no to the stuff that DOESN’T make you happy.

We’re awake. We’re alive. We get to live this life and we get to choose how we want to experience this life every single moment.

Sure, there’s a time and a place to suck it up. But that time comes AFTER making a conscious choice. Maybe I consciously choose to live in the town with the dark pool because I adore everything else about the town. Maybe you consciously choose to work at a job that doesn’t light up your life because the hours give you the flexibility you want to do what really lights you up.

But here’s what you need to know: you don’t HAVE to suck up anything.

We can default and rationalize our way to a life of meh or we can consciously create a life of intention.

What’s it gonna be?