What I Learned From Living in a Camper for Three Months

I've heard the phrase, "Busy is good" my entire life.

And finally, after years of not completely buying it, I am officially calling BULLSHIT!

Being busy is a cultural phenomenon. We rush from one event to the next, always going, going, going.

We fill our calendars, saying yes to everything that comes our way.

We take on work and more work because "busy is good."

But when do we breathe?

When do we connect with nature?

When do we truly feel our feelings?

When do we really live?

Busyness is an addiction, just like alcohol and drugs. We use it just as we use addictive substance to numb ourselves.

When we're busy, we don't have time to feel.

We don't have time to be sad.

We don't have time to ask ourselves what we really want.

We don't have the space to open up.

We just go-go-go because "busy is good."

Let's stop the madness!

Your self worth is not determined by how busy you are.

You are a wonderful human being capable of love and joy and adventure.

You are more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

You have so much untapped potential inside you.

It's waiting for you--your awesome is waiting for you.

Just slow down.

Back off the doing and embrace the being.

Sit with yourself.

Make space for yourself.

Let your brilliance shine.

Watch this week's video for more about The Slowdown Challenge.