What is Confidence?

I haven't always been confident.

In grade school, I was tall, had an unusual name and hadn't yet grown into my nose. I just wanted to be like everyone else.

I had so little musical talent that I was frequently kicked out of music class for "not trying."

I had learning disabilities and was one of the last kids in my first grade class to read aloud. And when I did, everyone clapped. It was mortifying.

I have a very distinct memory of walking down the hall saying, "I hate myself."

Things have changed.

I now love my name and my height and my nose and my learning disabilities. And I totally own my lack of musical talent.

I love being different.

I love myself.

And I wouldn't exchange those rocky early years for anything.

I've done a lot of work to get to this point. I've cried. I've learned. And I've trained.

It's time to give back--to you. I want to help you love yourself. I want to help you own your uniqueness.

I want to help you be you.

I want to help you feel confident.

But first, let's define confidence. Watch this week's video for my definition.