human design


 I help spiritual adventurers remember who they are and why they’re here. And one of the ways I do that is through human design.

Years ago, your soul got called to Earth School, but before it enrolled, it selected your blueprint, your style and a whole bunch of gifts. And then it decided exactly when and where it would come to Earth. Human design allows us to see all the choices your soul made for you.

your soul chose all of this for you before you were born.

You knew exactly who you were when you were born. And then humaning happened. People started should-ing on you. They started labeling you. And, gradually, you started becoming the person you thought you were supposed to be.

But what about the design your soul chose for you?

Human Design gives you permission to be yourself - the self your soul chose for you before you were born.

When we remember our design and follow our design, we experience ease and flow and, perhaps, most importantly, we allow ourselves to be SparklyAF.

If you’re ready to remember who you are, follow the two steps below.


step #1: fill out this form.

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step #2: pick your session option, schedule your appointment + submit payment

Option #1: Human Design Session - This 30-45-minute session is for you if you are new to human design.

Option #2: Human Design + Coaching Session - This 60 minute session is best is you have a specific topic you’d like coaching around.




 “I had been stuck in the same job for about three years. I was great at what I was doing and making good money, but hated every minute of every day while at work. The minute I arrived I started counting the hours until I could leave. I was so miserable. I thought this was my life and in order to make a living and support my family I had to suck it up. And I did.

Until this one very special day when Kelsey asked if I would like a 15-minute human design session. I had no idea what it was about, but I trust Kelsey and was extremely curious.

In this human design session, I learned so much about myself/my soul/my reason for being and that there was a plan for me even before I was born. Everything Kelsey told me was spot on: how I saw things and how I thought and felt. She knew I was stuck and that my purpose here on earth was being wasted! I was not put on this planet to be especially captive in this “cave,” so to speak. My soul, my being, needed to be free and thrive in other ways.

Shortly after this session, I began to see things differently. And I began to seriously think about what she said. I had just turned 44 and no way was I gonna spend another day wasting my life away. I had a plan but hadn’t acted on it, until after this 15-minute session. The next two months I put together a plan and about 5 weeks ago, I executed it! 

I started my own Masonry business, Premier Masonry and Concrete. And almost from day one I’ve been super busy. Using my sales skills for me! Not for some corporation. I make my own hours, run my own crews, meet with customers and have a blast! I’m actually booked three weeks out.

Each day I wake up smiling and super excited for the day ahead. I go to sleep excited for the next day! I’m making more money then I was at my old job stuck in a cage and working for someone else with rules upon rules. I can’t imagine how awesome the future will be. I’m finally excited again to wake up and start my day. The future is bright and I can’t wait!!

Without the 15-minute human design session with Kelsey, I’d still be at that same job, wasting precious hours and days of life. Best 15 minutes I think I’ve ever spent!!! Thank you so much Kelsey. You literally changed my life.”

-Milton Drewer