Find Your Awesome with Stacy Hartmann


Stacy Hartmann is the founder and creator of the Wealthy Minimalist Movement, where she partners with today’s expert thought-leaders, big-vision trailblazers, and high-impact entrepreneurs. By infusing online marketing and sales strategies with business energetics and the laws of the new entrepreneurial mindset, Stacy helps her clients unleash their potential to create wealth and make the difference they are meant to make in the world. Stacy is also a lead trainer and business mastermind facilitator for one of the top coach training schools in the world, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching where our mission is to raise the consciousness of the world one person at a time.

“Acceptance can’t exist wherever there is judgment.”

- Stacy Hartmann 

Stacy and I talk about wealth, trust and hustle vs. flow (you know where I stand on this: F the Hustle) in this episode. Stacy says, “When we decide to enter the river on the raft and flow down instead of swim up, it always works out. Success is inevitable. Wealth is inevitable. So long as we trust.” If this episode resonates with you, please share it and tag Stacy and me on social media.  

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Find Your Awesome with Jessica Hetherington


Jessica Hetherington is a business and branding coach who works with powerhouse women who want the world to know their name. She believes the secret strategy to being successful in business is to have unshakeable confidence in your gifts. She helps female entrepreneurs to gain visibility and stand out in the online market so they can make an impact with income to match. Jessica is a speaker and works one-on-one with powerhouse women. She especially loves running her signature mastermind, Be Bold. 

“At any given time, we are all experiencing fear and doubt about something.”

- Jessica Hetherington

Jessica and I cover a lot of ground on this episode. She lays down some great truths, including the importance of showing up so people can know about know about you. We touch on the importance of authenticity and the fear and doubts that impact us all. Her message for everyone: The solution lies in learning how to deal with the fear and doubt and to just go ahead and do the thing you are scared of doing.

“You are either making an impact or you are hiding.”

- Jessica Hetherington

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Find Your Awesome with Christy Whitman

ChristyWhitman_podcast_coverart (1).jpg

New York Times Best Seller Christy Whitman is a highly sought-after life coach with hundreds of thousands of followers. Her very practical, action-based approach to applying the 7 essential laws to career, work and family balance to create tremendous abundance in people’s lives. Christy’s book QUANTUM SUCCESS: 7 Essential Laws for a Thriving, Joyful, and Prosperous Relationship with Work & Money  gives readers examples of everyday people applying the same principles to their daily challenges—such as dealing with a micromanaging boss or generating a second stream of income i.e., the “side hustle”, while working a demanding day job. Christy offers an alternative—an energetic shift that opens us to all that is possible through the practice of mindset and paradigm shifts. Her writing is approachable, she is transparent about her own ups and downs with these laws and she engages readers from a specifically career- focused point of view.

“It’s how our universe functions. It’s kind of like knowing about gravity. You and I don’T have to sit there and think about gravity in order to not float out into outer space. Gravity is working whether we are talking about it or not.”

- Christy Whitman

You guys… I’m so excited to share this episode with you. Christy walks us through all seven laws and puts them in the context of real-life situations that can help you understand what is going on. She talks about what these laws have done for her and what it’s like to really commit to them. We delve deeper into the fear of success and how even the smallest stories can get in the way. And, we geeked out a bit on the power of words. This one might be a life-changer. Listen, take notes, share on social media and please share your takeaways.

“Doubt is resistance. Worry. Fear. All that stuff is resistance to the flow of receiving what you want.”

- Christy Whitman 

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Find Your Awesome with Tanya Zucco

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Tanya is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, athlete, and business & success coach who believes we can have it all: more money, impact, and freedom so we can live a “life by design."  She is fueled by a belief that we all have a superpower—our “JAM”—and that with determination and by surrounding yourself with the right people, we can make it happen. She loves working with ambitious high-achieving women who are tired of the day-to-day grind and are ready to dream big and step up to take action to turn their skills and expertise into a successful business that supports a life they love.

“Everybody is an expert at something. Everybody is good at something. And if you can help somebody, it means that you have something that somebody else wants and needs.”

- Tanya Zucco

This short episode is for you if you’re feeling stuck or out of place in your current career or if you simply want more in your life. Tanya and I talk about the mindset behind entrepreneurship, creating your own life and lessons she learned from her career as a professional athlete. We packed a lot into 30 minutes. Enjoy and please share with someone who needs to hear this conversation. 

“Opportunities are everywhere. And if you just ask, and if you just reach out to people and talk to people, you’ll realize that.”

- Tanya Zucco 

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Find Your Awesome with Katy Conicella


Katy Conicella is the co-founder and lead instructor at bulldog yoga, an in-studio and on-demand streaming yoga subscription company that is revolutionizing the industry. Bulldog yoga is unlike any other yoga community out there – full of smiles and music and free from chanting, judgment, and instructions in Sanskrit. Bulldog truly is yoga, rebooted. Katy, along with founder Jon Cummins, is determined to remove the stigma of yoga being an intimidating “yogi only” practice and make it approachable for everyone - yogis and non-yogis alike. Bulldog yoga has been featured in Allure, Brit+Co, Family Circle, Parade, PopSugar, Shape, Yogi Approved, and Well + Good.

“We are creating our reality in our heads. We have the choice to create an amazing reality, and it starts with knowing our internal vibration and getting very calm with our selves and our thoughts and choosing our thoughts very wisely, and then feeding those thoughts.”

- Katy Conicella

Katy and I dove into self-awareness, our relationships with our phones, mindfulness and loneliness. We also dug into entrepreneurial life and doing things for the first time. This episode is for all humans. May you find some gifts in our words and feel as energized after listening as we did after creating this for you.

“If you are not aware of what’s going on with you, there’s no way you can be aware of what’s going on around you.”

- Katy Conicella

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Find Your Awesome with Rachel Wright


A psychotherapist and therapeutic relationship coach, Rachel Wright is recognized as one of the freshest voices on modern and millennial relationships. She is the co-founder of Wright Wellness Center where she is on a mission to help people have better sex, relationships, and mental health, through a growing catalog of master classes, online programs, resources and a supportive online community. She’s been referred to as someone “bridging the gap between a self-help book and a therapist's couch.” Rachel is also a sex educator, speaker, and writer, and the co-host of the Bachelor-themed podcast The Wright Reasons, which hosts a weekly discussion about all things The Bachelor through the lens of healthy relationships. She has been featured widely in the media, including Cosmopolitan, InStyle, Women’s Health, NBC News Radio, PsychologyToday, MindBodyGreen, Bustle, and dozens of other outlets.

Rachel and I had so much fun in this conversation. We dove head first into people-pleasing and “shoulding” on ourselves and others. And from there, we talked about sex and our awkward humanness around the topic. Join us as we practice naming some important body parts and join the effort to remove the stigma around sex and help make the world a better place. I hope you’ll laugh with us and come away with some big aha’s. And please share this episode with everyone. Let’s put the effort into spreading positivity.  

“There is so much stigma around all of this that we keep things inside, and we can’t express ourselves. And a thought or feeling that gets trapped inside cannot go anywhere.”

-Rachel Wright 

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Find Your Awesome with Nicole Fortunaso


“We all have this deep knowing and we ignore it like hell.”

Nicole Fortunaso

Nicole Fortunaso came to Canada from Australia over 15 years ago, seeking a new experience and a business opportunity. Nicole now helps individuals stay tranquil, grounded and gain clarity with holistic and intuitive life coaching, including Reiki, tarot and other practical approaches. Despite a successful corporate career in marketing and technology, Nicole struggled with low self-worth and found herself looking externally for things that would validate and fix her and her situation. It wasn't until she discovered personal development and explored spirituality that she discovered that she was not broken – that despite all her flaws, she was ok. This is what inspired her to work with others in order to share what she’s learned from the mind, body and spirit perspectives, and to help others find their truth, tranquility and clarity. She is a Reiki master and has bachelor’s degrees in science and business. She works with individuals and entrepreneurs through her website,, and does a variety of workshops in Montreal and Australia.

Nicole and I covered a lot of magic in this conversation. We talked about protecting and clearing our energy, cord- cutting, Reiki and how other people’s energy can impact us. To close out the episode, Nicole gave me an amazing tarot reading. This episode is for you if you’re an empath, if you’re new to your spiritual gifts, if you don’t yet realize you have spiritual gifts or if you’re super clear about your spiritual path. Enjoy and please share with anyone who needs to hear this conversation.

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Find Your Awesome with Jenn Moff


The pioneer of the Mindfulness Based Manifestation Method and founder of, Jen Moff helps burned-out business women invest in themselves with mindfulness so they can make bank for doing shit they love, trust their intuition, and feel truly seen in all of their relationships. Jen has published the Mindful Life Map on Amazon and released Mindfullness 1.0, a meditation album, on iTunes. She also helps growing startups deepen their investment in their talent to reduce stress and shift mindsets, increasing employee engagement. She’s been praised by best-selling author, Scott Burken and Launch Out Conference for her authentic compassion, fresh perspectives, and on-point comedic timing. A self-proclaimed foodie currently residing in Boston, Jen enjoys horseback riding and using makeup as a creative outlet / self-care tool.

Jen and I had a lot of fun in this conversation. We talked about mindfulness, branding, communication, being “professional” and the wobbly art of humaning. There are gems sprinkled throughout this conversation with a big sparkly diamond at the end as Jen leads us through a powerful guided meditation.

“You’re always going to have new insight and a different perspective as long as you keep climbing.”

- Jen Moff

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