Find Your Awesome with Katherine Greenfield


“Love is inside of us. People, in forgetting our true nature, forget the power of love.”

- Katherine Greenfield

Katherine Greenfield is a consciousness consultant who is often referred to as a sherpa of the inner journey. She guides her clients to access and integrate their essential nature as they live into and express the deepest, most beautiful and profound aspects of themselves, remove obstacles to living and expressing their truth and accomplish the incredible work they’re here to do. Katherine provides her clients the keys to unlock doors to their own inner wisdom and innate capacity to heal. She reminds us all that the more we step into a life guided by our innermost Self, the more the true nature of reality is revealed to us and with it our own awesome power.

“The deeper longing and impassioned pleading that one has in that space for knowledge, the more will be revealed.”

- Katherine Greenfield

There’s a whole lot of truth in our dreams. They offer a window into our true selves and our consciousness. Katherine and I talk about some of the lessons we can learn about ourselves in dreams and how the universe only shows us what it feels we’re ready to see. If you’re a dreamer—when you’re asleep or awake—there’s gold in here for you. 

“Connect with your innermost truth and express it in the world—bring it to the world.”

- Katherine Greenfield

“That’s what we all need to do, is to go into our innermost [self] and to follow the path through our heart to our greatest self and to express that into the world.”

- Katherine Greenfield


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