The Uplevel With Ease Sisterhood

In the summer of 2018, I made my best business decision ever. I was craving community. I wanted to surround myself with a team of powerful women whose strengths complimented my own. I wanted to meet regularly with women who GOT me. And so I created a Girl Gang.

The shifts in perspective and awareness we’ve experienced in this group, the abundance and the general level of sisterhood, have all been life-changing—so life-changing that I’m bringing the sisterhood experience (AND MY GIRL GANG) to you.

Enter The Uplevel with Ease Sisterhood. Imagine being part of a team… a squad… a tribe… a SISTERHOOD that is filled with women who are totally committed to taking their lives and businesses to the next level. Imagine a group of goddesses who are totally committed to getting to that next level with ease, intention and flow. How we do one thing is how we do everything, so imagine an experience where we raise the roof on everything, including health, relationships, business, mindset and spiritual connection, to name just a few. And imagine doing it all together. THAT is what The Uplevel with Ease Sisterhood is all about.

Just as a rising tide lifts all boats, a rising sisterhood lifts all goddesses.

The Uplevel with Ease Sisterhood is a group coaching experience. And like any coaching experience, you get out of it what you put into it. I invite you to show up as yourself and to be all-in. This investment in yourself has the potential to change your life.

If you are craving…

  • EASE in every aspect of your life and business

  • ABUNDANCE in every way

  • INSPIRING, EMPOWERING and LOVING RELATIONSHIPS with your soul, your body, your business and your parter

  • COMMUNITY and CONNECTION with like-minded and supportive women

  • YOUR OWN BRILLIANCE that just needs a gentle nudge to rise to the surface…

…then The Uplevel with Ease Sisterhood is waiting for you.


This invitation is for you if…

  • you want to be better

  • you know you are powerful at your craft and yet something is missing

  • you are sick of hearing about “hustle” and know there has to be another way (there is)

  • you value connection

  • and you don’t want to do it alone.


“It is hard for me to put into words how incredible Kelsey’s energy is and how she has helped me to find my inner voice and confidence. Her calm, grateful, badass attitude towards life and growth drew me to her right away. There are so many stories and limiting beliefs I have told myself in every single area of my life and Kelsey has helped me see through them in a way that is full of love and gratitude for the growth I have ahead. In every conversation, Kelsey made me feel as though I was capable of absolutely anything and I felt safe opening up to her and answering each thought provoking question with purpose. Kelsey saw me for me, honored and loved me where I was in my journey, and asked the best questions to help me get out of my own way and take on life from a place of love. I don’t know how she does it, but Kelsey’s questions allowed me to do the soul searching, while she supported me with open arms and words of encouragement. After working with Kelsey, I find that I give myself more grace, tap into my developing intuition a little more, and see my growth as an amazing journey. I am truly grateful that I found Kelsey’s podcast and connected with her. She is an amazing human and I feel so lucky to have crossed paths with her!”

— Hannah Flink, Soulful Adventurer

Our time together includes:

  • Two group coaching calls per month

  • One 30-minute private coaching call with Kelsey each month

  • Expert calls

  • An exclusive online community to connect with your sisters

  • and six months of upleveling with ease and the support of a group of incredible women.



Kelsey Abbott is a Confidence Coach & Instigator of Joy, writer, speaker and host of the Find Your Awesome podcast. She helps world-changing entrepreneurs embody their light and magic by helping them learn to really truly love themselves, shed the shoulds, embrace their own unique greatness and SPARKLE. 

Kelsey studied at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC) where she earned certifications as a Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Master Practitioner and Cor.E Performance coach. She also studied at the Applied Nueroscience Institute, earning her NeuroPositive Certificate in using neuroscience to change how the brain processes challenges.

Before becoming a Confidence Coach, Kelsey was a nationally-recognized science writer and marine biologist, working in DC, Seattle, Hawaii and Barbados, training dolphins and studying killer whales in the process. A competitive swimmer for most of her life, Kelsey transitioned to triathlons where she now competes at the national and international level.

After a decade in Maine and 16 months of traveling around the U.S. in a small camper, Kelsey now lives in Sarasota, Florida with her husband and dog.

Meet my Girl Gang

Jennifer Greer - Listen to Jennifer and me on the Find Your Awesome podcast

Danielle Hendrickson - Listen to Danielle and me on the Find Your Awesome podcast

Brooke Miller - Listen to Brooke Miller and me on the Find Your Awesome podcast

Amanda Ward - Listen to Amanda and me on the Find Your Awesome podcast


"Kelsey is one of the most loving and compassionate human beings I have ever met, and knows how to break through to the core of what's stopping you from seeing your greatness. She always has the best questions to crack you open to a deeper level of truth or a new way of looking at a situation. What once seemed impossible, now becomes easy, and it can happen in a matter of seconds. In 15 minutes, Kelsey helped me completely reframe my inner critic and the ways in which I was seeing myself. Now when that voice comes in, instead of fighting it, I have the tools and perspective to shift the conversation. This one thing has helped me show up more confidently in my business and push the boundaries of my comfort zone. As a result, I feel lighter, happier, freer, and more joyful each and every day! Kelsey is a true angel!

— Meg Haines, Spiritual Teacher + Healer


“I cannot recommend Kelsey enough, she will crack you wide open to the love and wisdom within, she will guide you and support you to live a joyful and vibrant life. Her energy is pure love, her energy is inspiring and so authentic and real. You will feel truly seen, in a way that heals, nurtures and nourishes you to the core.”

— Georgina Durcan, Spiritual Teacher + Intuitive Healer

The feminine fire is rising, sisters. This is your invitation to join the movement.

You may be wondering…

How do the calls work? Group coaching calls and expert calls will be done over Zoom (a video conference system you can access through your computer or phone). The calls will be recorded but you will get more out of them—and actual coaching—if you come live. They will be archived on a password-protected section of the website. Your monthly one-on-one calls will be done over the phone or on Zoom, whichever you prefer.

Where is the online community? The online community will be a private group on Facebook. If you are not on Facebook or don’t want to be on Facebook, you can opt out of this group. It’s not a mandatory part of The Uplevel with Ease Sisterhood. (However, it is a great opportunity to connect more with your sisters.)

Can I join at any time? Yes. And your membership will last six months from your start date. At the end of those six months, you will have an opportunity to renew for another six months.