I SEE YOU trying to be normal, to fit in, to play by the rules.

I SEE YOU trying to balance it all and do what you’re supposed to do. I see that flame in your heart—it’s hard to ignore—and I see you telling it, “Shhh, not now.”

I SEE YOU scheduling yourself down to the last minute to fit it all in.

I SEE the walls you’ve built around yourself. It must feel so restrictive in there.

I SEE YOU wanting to stretch your arms out wide, to take in a huge, lung-expanding breath.

I see you craving expansion.

I SEE YOU wanting to grow.

I SEE the sparkle in your eyes that hints that you know bigger things await you.

I SEE YOU reaching your arms up to the light, but the walls, those damn walls, are so close and so tight.

I SEE YOU dreaming of freedom and yearning for an opportunity to create your life. I see you trying to silence that dream, trying to pretend you want the life that everyone else has. I see you trapped in that box, settling for a perfectly good life when you know there’s more. You know you could have a fucking awesome life. But who are you to break the mold, to rock the boat, to shatter the glass?


You're the woman with a fire in her heart. You're the woman who's always known she's different.

How do I know?

Because I have a fire in my heart too. And I’ve always been different. Throughout my childhood I teetered between doing my own thing and struggling to fit in. Forging my own path felt exhausting and lonely and I’d wish that for once, I could just be like everyone else. So I would try to be like everyone else—at least for a day or two. It would leave me feeling hollow. Trapped. Disconnected from my body.

That’s when I realized that trying to be normal was more exhausting than doing my own thing. But it still took me years to own my uniqueness.

I worked in a well-paying “normal” job. I was using my graduate degree. I wore business casual clothes. I worked with some great people.

And I hated it.

I sat in my spacious gray cube and counted the hours and minutes until I could leave. I looked around at my co-workers during meetings and wondered if they really truly loved what they were doing. I realized that some of them did. And once again I was different. I applied for a promotion (because that’s what I was supposed to do) and when they offered me the position, I said, “thank you very much” and I gave my notice. It was time to let that fire in my heart guide me. My coworkers told me I was brave. I didn’t feel brave. I felt free.

Before I made this shift, every day was the same. Now I wake up each day excited to discover what the day will bring. I go to bed each night with a heart filled with gratitude for the life I have created—the life that allows me to travel the country, to ride my bike in the sunshine, to play in the woods with my little family. I feel free. I feel expansive. I feel alive.

Now it’s your turn.

It’s time to own that thing that makes you unique. It’s time to stretch your arms wide and break down the walls of that box. It’s time to fan that flame in your heart.

The world needs you.

Now, take my hand. It’s time for you to change the world with your fire.

Professional Bio

Kelsey Abbott is a Confidence Coach & Instigator of Joy, writer, speaker and host of the Find Your Awesome podcast. She helps driven humans learn to really truly love themselves, shed the shoulds, embrace their own unique greatness and SPARKLE. 

Kelsey studied at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC) where she earned certifications as a Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Master Practitioner and Cor.E Performance coach. She also studied at the Applied Nueroscience Institute, earning her NeuroPositive Certificate in using neuroscience to change how the brain processes challenges.

Before becoming a Confidence Coach, Kelsey was a nationally-recognized science writer and marine biologist, working in DC, Seattle, Hawaii and Barbados, training dolphins and studying killer whales in the process. A competitive swimmer for most of her life, Kelsey transitioned to triathlons where she now competes at the national and international level.