Find Your Awesome with Amanda Nurse


Amanda Nurse: “There’s no harm in shooting for the stars.”

Amanda Nurse is an elite marathoner, run coach and yoga instructor in Boston, MA. She ran her first marathon (Boston, 2010) in 3:26 and now, 15 marathons later, boasts a personal best of 2:40, which earned her a spot in the 2016 U.S. Olympic Marathon Team Trials. With her multiple New England race victories she is one of Boston’s most visible runners, inspiring athletes to dream big through her social media account, @amandarunsboston, and is an adidas run ambassador.

Amanda recently welcomed her first child, Riley James, into the world and blogged about her pregnancy journey through her website, Now, she will document her training and fitness progress on her journey back to marathon running. Her goal is to qualify for the 2020 Olympic Trials (with a 2:39 or better) in the Berlin Marathon next fall. She hopes this will show other moms they can still have big fitness goals after giving birth.

Amanda’s story is pretty epic. She’s done some amazing things already and it seems like she’s just getting started. She’s got big goals and she’s not afraid to talk about them. She also shares how she plans to get back into Olympic trials-qualifying shape after giving birth, how she stays mentally tough and why her family is her biggest inspiration. Amanda (and her family) are super inspiring, not just for athletes, but for anyone with big dreams. As Amanda says, “there’s no harm in shooting for the stars.”


“If I can do that, what else can I do?”

“I want to show that I can have a child and still be a good runner. I don’t want to have a kid and then, all of a sudden, I don’t have those dreams anymore. I do. I have bigger dreams and I want to keep at them.”

“I love that I wasn’t a runner in college. I wasn’t an all-star anything in high school or college. And I’ve found my niche and I’ve really pushed myself and now I can show other people that maybe they can do that too.”

“I definitely have a lot of self doubt at the beginning [of a race]. I think that’s pretty normal. I’ve worked hard to change that, to have a mantra, to tell myself that I’ve trained for it, that I’m prepared, to try not to size up my competitors, but more just focus on myself.”

“I think what I love about running is, in a race, the focus isn’t all on me. Your focus in a race is on yourself. There are thousands of other people around you running, but no one really cares about your race except for you. You’re just one person in that race.”

“Just focus on yourself and being the best you can be in that day—not worrying about how everyone else is going to do.”

“There’s always going to be people who are going to be faster, more trained and better than you. But at the end of the day, the only thing you can really control is yourself and how you’re going to do.”

“My mission right now is to inspire women—and men—to love their bodies, to really take care of themselves and to keep dreaming really big. My biggest thing has always been to really set high goals for yourself and don’t be afraid of them. Because, there was a time when I wouldn’t have even dreamed of running Olympic trials or running under three hours in a marathon.”

“It’s scary when you set big goals for yourself, especially if you don’t know the path how to get there. But I think the moment you put that thought out into the world it becomes a bit more real. So, sometimes it’s just the determination to say it, the courage to say it and then once you say it, that becomes more of a reality.”

“Anytime you have self doubt, just remind yourself of all those awesome workouts you had because you are trained. You are prepared.”

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Why Amanda started running and how she went from a 3:26 marathon to a 2:40 marathon in just six years
  • How she went from being a figure skater who cracked under pressure to being a mentally tough elite marathoner
  • How she has come to embrace self compassion

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Find Your Awesome with Nicole Nicolay


Nicole Nicolay: “Learning is Life.”

Nicole Nicolay, @nik_nik, is the founder of two real estate marketing companies, and traveled for nearly a decade training and speaking to over 200,000 agents nationwide. She has created educational programs for the National Association of REALTORS® as well as for all the major real estate brands. Nicole also worked with Inman News to launch the popular conference series, Agent Reboot, for which she served as conference chair and emcee. After both her real estate marketing companies were acquired in 2013, Nicole joined the family business as a licensed REALTOR®. She has been named one of the 100 Most Influential Leaders in Real Estate, one of the Top 10 Most Fearless Women Online & in Social Media, and Rookie of the Year by the Bay East Association of REALTORS. Whether it's selling a home, speaking to colleagues, teaching her cycle class, being a mom or training for her next Ironman race, Nicole does it all with passion and enthusiasm.

I had a lot of fun with this episode. It feels like a casual conversation that goes deep. Nicole is open and real and raw. She loves vulnerability (we talk a lot about that) and it shows. We talk about authenticity, confidence, business, Ironman training and races, resilience, parenting, balance and growth. We talk about childhood dreams and how Nicole has come to honor them as an adult. We talk about peeing on the bike. And, perhaps most of all, we talk about connection. There’s something for everyone in this episode. Join us for the ride.


“Leading with your heart is a great way to get ideas up to the surface, to have them bubble out, but then I think it’s also great to have someone that you can turn to that’s close to you that can give you some feedback on your ideas and also some accountability.”

“Vulnerability can be a very scary place when you’re not ready to fully commit.”

“It (vulnerability) creates connection. I think it creates true connection.”

“When you show up with your friend or when you show up for your husband and YOU show up, like the real you, the real Kelsey, the real Nicole, you’re basically handing yourself over. You’re showing your cards. My heart is open; here I am. And when people can receive that, it’s such an amazing feeling. And when they show a little bit of themselves as well, it becomes that reciprocal process of learning and growing together as people.”

“It’s really easy to put up a wall and to be frozen and to feel stuck. I think that’s the opposite of being vulnerable.”

“I’m a much happier person when I can truly connect with the people in my life.”

“Training is a really safe place for me to be and I definitely think I’ve used it as a place to escape in my life.”

“Even though I had accomplished so much seemingly on the outside—I was a national speaker and I had two companies and I was traveling all over the country and was a sought-after speaker at the time, I also had a husband and two kids at home. And trying to balance all that was really confusing and yet it was fun at the same time.”

“Doing an Ironman is a really long conversation with yourself.”

“I think learning is life. If we are not learning, we are not living.”

“Every day when we wake-up, we all have a choice. We can choose crappy or we can choose happy. When you choose happy, you’re choosing to embrace life and be positive and you’re choosing to find positive ways to impact your life.”

“How can I be a better mom? How can I be a better wife? How can I be a better friend? How can I be a better realtor? How can I be a better speaker? Those are things I think about every day.”

“It’s never too late to try something new. It’s never too late to make a commitment.”

“There’s no perfect time. There are no perfect conditions. Just friggin’ do it because the more you wait on it, the less fun you’re gonna have.”

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Find Your Awesome with Melissa Maher


Melissa Maher: “We’re all intuitive beings.”

Melissa Maher is a Certified Professional Life and Mindfulness Coach, as well as a Registered Yoga Teacher, a Certified Nutritionist, and a dedicated Vipassana meditation and mindfulness practitioner. She’s currently undergoing a 2-year mindfulness meditation teacher-training program under the guidance of highly respected teachers Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach.

After a heart-opening yoga teacher training experience in Costa Rica in 2006, Melissa quit the mundane 9-5 office job in Washington,D.C. that was sucking the life out of her and took her soul-searching to South America and then to San Diego, where she hopped between the shoes of massage therapist, barista, yoga teacher and newbie surfer. While in San Diego, Melissa also worked in the Life Coaching Department of the Tony Robbins Company, which sparked her mission to help other women live a life of joy and possibilities on their own terms.

I’m so grateful that Melissa took the time to share her wisdom with us. She’s open, down-to-earth and it feels like her words come straight from her heart. We had a lot of fun talking about some of my favorite topics. Whether you’re new to mindfulness or a lifelong practitioner, listen, just listen. The internet connection got a little squirrelly a few times so we ended up talking over each other once or twice. Please bear with us. There’s good stuff on the other side.


“Mindfulness and coaching are both about cultivating awareness first and foremost and acknowledging that no change can be made until we’re aware of what’s present now and until we’re able to accept—on some level—what’s present now. We can’t change anything until we accept it.”

“The stillness is where both the insights arise naturally, but also where any under-acknowledged emotion or experience is gonna bubble to the surface too.”

“You’re just looking for the possibility of possibility at first.”

“Maybe it wasn’t just me. Maybe this is just being human.”

“I think we’re all intuitive beings.”

“It’s just that when the mental chatter, especially the conditioning, is so strong about what we should do or what we’re supposed to do or what we have to do, we’re so lost in the chatter that we don’t listen to those intuitive whispers. Or we’re not hearing them because the intuition is so clear and calm and centered and quiet. It’s not yelling.”

“Mindfulness lets us fine-tune our awareness more and more subtly into more and more fine and subtle energetic layers.”

“Intuition is visceral. It’s an embodied sense that we already know what we need to know or that life is telling us what we need to know in any given moment.”

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How the universe aligned to support Melissa and bring her everything she needed exactly when she needed it.
  • How to tell the difference between intuition and fear
  • How to listen to your intuition

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Find Your Awesome with Amy Charity


Amy Charity: Thriving on the Wrong Side of Comfortable

Amy Charity is a former professional cyclist and the author of “The Wrong Side of
Comfortable: Chase Your Dream. Discover Your Potential. Transform Your Life.” Amy
and I were water polo teammates in high school. She then went on to compete in
triathlon, including an Ironman, in endurance trail running and finally in cycling, all
while working in the financial sector for 14 years. At the age of 34 she left the financial
industry to pursue her passion and a career in professional bike racing. Amy raced for the
US National Team and signed a contract with one of the top 10 women’s professional
racing teams in the world. Her team won a National Championship in the Team Time
Trial and raced the World Championships.

Amy hosts annual Grinta Cycling Camps every summer and she is the Executive Director
of Bike Town USA. She lives in Steamboat Springs, CO with her husband Matt and their
boxador Lucy.

This conversation was so inspiring. We talked a lot about fear, including how to get
grounded when we’re really scared and how to let fear drive us. This episode will inspire
you, whether you’re an athlete or not. If you’ve got big dreams, listen up. If you’re not
sure what you want to do with your life, listen up. If you enjoy this episode, I think you’ll
love Amy’s book (I did). Amy has generously offered to sign copies of “The Wrong Side
of Comfortable: Chase Your Dream. Discover Your Potential. Transform Your Life.” for
listeners who order from her website:


“Whatever it is you’re facing, you have years of experience preparing, even if you haven’t been in that exact situation.”

“The anticipation of starting something is the worst part. Once you’re doing it, you’re kind of okay.”

“I’m pretty good at this and I love it—that is in my mind what success is now. Being a VP in a major corporation making a six-figure salary is no longer how I define success.”

“I don’t want to live with any regret. I don’t want to have this be something that I look back on when I’m 50 and say, ‘Oh my gosh, I could have gone to the Olympics. I could have raced at the top level.’ I never wanted to feel that way.”

“You have to think it’s worth it or you’re not in the race.”

“Do you really want to continue living your life in that safe way and know you did
everything correctly and you stayed pretty comfortable?”

“You’re on the wrong side of comfortable, but you’re growing, you’re learning, you’re doing something worthwhile.”

“I really like change and growth. I’m inspired to figure out what you can do that you didn’t think you could. I’m always trying to tap into something different, something new.”

“Don’t let go of those things you love.”

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Find Your Awesome with Laurel Graham


Laurel Graham: “I’m stronger than I ever thought I was.”

As a kid, Laurel Graham was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and told she’d never be able to run. In fact, running in gym class left her feeling so confused—she couldn’t understand why her legs just wouldn’t work properly or why she couldn’t run as fast as the other kids could. Eventually, her muscular dystrophy progressed to a point where walking became incredibly difficult due to the deformities in her feet and ankles, and the weakness in her lower extremities. She got around by walking on the sides of her feet, but even that was a struggle. So, Laurel underwent bilateral foot and ankle reconstructive surgery and spent the next year and a half getting a feel for her “new” feet and learning to walk again. During her recovery, she would get out of breath from crutching across the room and that’s when she promised herself that she’d get in the best shape of her life once she had recovered.

Laurel set a goal to run her first road race: the Virgina 4-miler. She did it and could hardly believe what her body had done. Crossing that finish line set a fire inside her to keep tackling goals, no matter how big they seemed. Her interests eventually led her to triathlon—a sport she never thought her body would be able to tackle. She is now the proud finisher of multiple triathlons, including an Ironman 70.3. Laurel is currently preparing for her first full Ironman in 2018. She never believed she’d be where she is now, but the moments where she did believe in herself are what got her here.

Laurel says, “Boundaries are meant to be broken, limits exceeded, expectations collapsed. If I can do this, anyone can.”

Laurel inspires me and I hope she inspires you too. Laurel also inspires her dog, Barrett, who contributes to the conversation a few times.


“Pain won’t kill you and I’m stronger than I ever thought I was.”

“I realized that you just can’t care about what a lot of people think.”

“I’ve come to learn that what other people’s perceptions of me are—how other people treat me—that’s not on me. That’s a reflection of them.”

“I bring myself to the moment and I think, you GET to do this. You don’t have to be out here racing today, but you get to. And that normally gets me out of those tough spots and shifts my perspective.”

“I could have everything I want in the world, but if I’m not grateful for that, then it doesn’t mean anything.”

“I’ve realized in my life that I can’t change what happens to me, but I can change my attitude, how I look at it and how I feel about it.”

“I just try to be thankful for all my body can do instead of looking at things it can’t do or looking at things that I want to change. I just think, ‘wow, look how far it’s gotten me."

“When people have perfectly normal bodies and they don’t see how amazing it is, it makes me sad. I encourage them not to look at what you want your body to do, but look at what your body’s done already.”            

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What muscular dystrophy has taught Laurel
  • How she uses gratitude to fuel her everyday
  • How to visualize your perfect race


Find Your Awesome with Tricia Huffman


Tricia Huffman: Choosing Collaboration over Competition

Tricia Huffman wants you to live YOUR best life ever. Her mission in life is to inspire you to be your most true self and to truly live a life that you love each and every day. After healing herself from constant pain and the sudden loss of her father, she felt that life was too short to live a life of “shoulds” and to simply follow trends. She created her brand, Your Joyologist, to share inspiration daily as she has seen first hand that even those people that “have it all” still have doubts, fears, worries, and stress. Her joyology ranges from her work touring with Grammy award-winning artists and keeping them healthy, grounded and inspired in body and mind, to leading group coaching programs and creating the Own Your Awesome® affirmation deck, to being a mindful momma.

Tricia came into my life after I’d published two episodes of my podcast (then called The Own Your Awesome Podcast). She reached out with love to ask me to change the name of my podcast because I was infringing on her trademark AND she suggested that we connect since we obviously have a lot in common. We tell the rest of this story in this episode and share why choosing collaboration over competition feels so good. And then we go everywhere else. This is a fun, high-energy conversation with a few little mumbles from Tricia’s infant daughter. If you’re ready to make conscious choices, create joy and be inspired, listen up. And if you’re a business owner or a human that interacts with other humans, listen closely. Great things come from choosing love and collaboration over fear and competition.


“Just because I can do that and I can deliver my inspiration that way and I can deliver services that way and that could be a way to reach more people, do I actually want to? What’s the best use of my time?”

“When we’re feeling emotional pain, we do start to feel it in our body.”

“When you’re not really living your life from your heart, when you’re not being honest with yourself, when you’re not in a good situation, then you feel more pain.”

“If you don’t acknowledge the feelings, you’re not really getting through them.”

“It can feel like nobody believes in you, but it’s really that they love you so much they’re protecting you because they want you to be taken care of.”

“I try to take fear and use it as excitement.”

“We’re always protected.”

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s important to trademark your business name or phrase

  • How to choose inspiration over jealousy

  • How Tricia made the decision to own her awesome at age 15

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Find Your Awesome with Jennifer Davis


Jennifer Davis: From Perfectionist Workaholic to Lion Goddess Leadership Coach

Jennifer Davis is a (mostly) recovered perfectionist whose path took her from straight A’s in school to investment banking, to marketing and consulting for major corporations to leadership coaching. As a coach, she introduces people to themselves at their absolute best: strong, smart, empowered and ready to take their lives and careers by storm. Jennifer calls on her past experiences to coach entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 executives, artists, coaches and the participants in her Fiercely Female workshops for women who want to expand their leadership abilities.

Jennifer brings tons of energy to this conversation. We discuss her transformation from being a self-described perfectionist and workaholic to being a leadership coach who loves herself and feels grounded and peaceful. If you thrive on perfection and aren’t familiar with the concept of a weekend, listen in. Jennifer’s story of her own transformation may inspire you to make some changes in your own life.

FYI: That’s Jennifer’s dog you hear in the background. Her name is Moxie.


“When I was growing up, I was defining myself or somehow making myself feel better by these successes—by getting straight A’s, by getting into good schools and by getting a bonus.”

“Figure out what your gift is to the world and what you have to offer and what you want to offer and then start from that place.”

“For me, dancing and music have always connected me to this place of empowerment and joy.”

“This inner peace stuff is amazing. I can actually be happy and fulfilled and grounded even if I’ve gotten really bad news or something not so pleasant is happening.”

“It’s so amazing to me that I can be peaceful and grounded with three kids ages 17 to 21, a husband and a dog. It’s always crazy.”

“When you’re a perfectionist, you have this part of you that’s disgusted with neediness or imperfection. It’s about learning to accept yourself for all of those things and know that you can be smart AND not perfect.”

“A big thing has been learning to say, ‘no’ at work. If an opportunity comes up and it’s not really in line with my top priority, I practice saying, ‘no.’”

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What’s on Jennifer’s Lion Goddess playlist
  • How she let go of the belief that she was “not enough”
  • How she gets grounded


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Find Your Awesome with Jennifer Greer


Jennifer Greer: “Love is a practice.”

Jennifer Greer is a lover of humanity, relationships and experiences. She embodies these passions as a Certified Professional Coach and the founder of Your Kick Ass Marriage, where she works with her fellow married millennials who are ready to take the next big leap and transform their ordinary marriage into a highly conscious, divine union.

Jennifer’s path has been inspired by her parents' toxic marriages, the subsequent childhood wounds she carried into her adulthood and her own failing marriage. She worked with a coach and quickly experienced an unexpected breakthrough and miraculous energetic shift. Jennifer realized she was never even stuck to begin with. Her marriage began to reflect the same growth, and quite "accidentally", she fell back into love with her husband and herself. And her husband, well, he couldn't help but grow with her. People noticed, and they wanted to know how to get these same results and soon Your Kick Ass Marriage was born.

Jennifer brings such love, curiosity and intention to this conversation. She shares wisdom and powerful questions for couples, parents and humans in all sorts of relationships. This conversation shines a light on a lot of things we don’t openly discuss about our relationships. Whether you want to improve your relationship with yourself, your partner or a friend, this conversation will not only make you think, it will give you some steps to toward creating a conscious partnership.


“We don’t want to just play house anymore.”

“We really want our relationship with our spouse to reflect that hunger for growth.”

“We’re no longer just going through the motions in life. We want to truly experience ourselves in this human form and we want to know more.”

“We are not created to do life by ourselves.”

“Once we start minimizing ourselves to keep the peace in a marriage—or any relationship—and we’re afraid of the repercussions of showing up as who we are because we feel like this other person is going to be offended or think that we’re wrong or think that we’re saying that they’re not right, we stuff things inside of ourselves or water ourselves down.”

“I’m so much more grounded as a mother than I’ve ever been before.”

“There’s nothing that puts you more in the moment than play and moving your body.”

“Stop trying to be a hero and multitask everything.”

“There’s such a misconception that when you fall in love with somebody that that’s the pinnacle experience.”

“The joy and happiness and pleasure and passion you seek in your relationship are things you should be seeking in the relationship you have with yourself.”

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  •  How being in your head is a coping mechanism

  • What a conscious partnership looks like

  • What practicing love looks like


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