Find Your Awesome with Ana Marinho


Ana Marinho opened her private practice, Be Healthy, LLC. in 2015 and has served over 10 years as a licensed physical therapist, transformational coach, and intuitive healer. Her unique approach of combining eastern and western modalities in a private one-on-one setting has allowed her patients to sustain lasting change. As she focuses on treating the whole body (body, mind and soul) and not just the symptoms, she helps to ignite the healing within. Ana also helps highly sensitive (emphatic) people thrive in our busy world.

Ana’s desire to combine physical therapy, intuitive healing and transformational coaching began early. When her brother was 9 months old, doctors announced that he had cerebral palsy and would be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Ana’s family disagreed. They believed that her brother’s body could heal itself if they engaged both his mind and body in total support of his healing. At 5 years old, her brother took his first steps. He is now thriving and attending university in Brazil.

Ana and I talked about body awareness, protecting and managing our energy and allowing our bodies to heal. Share this episode with anyone who needs support on their healing journey.

“My mission is to empower people to remember that the body has the power of self-healing.”

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Find Your Awesome with Elizabeth Lyons


Elizabeth Lyons is a 4X bestselling author who is obsessed with entrepreneurs’ backstories (and coffee). She helps entrepreneurs write, publish and launch their first book so they can grow their brand, expand their impact, increase their influence and leave a legacy. 

Elizabeth’s books include Expecting Twins: What to Expect When You're Expecting Two, Holy Shit...l'm Having Twins: The Definitive Guide to Remaining Calm When You're Twice as Freaked Out, Ready or Not...There We Go! The REAL Experts' Guide to the Toddler Years with Twins, You Cannot Be Serious: and 32 Other Rules that Sustain a (Mostly) Balanced Mom and the forthcoming Enough: The Simple Path to Everything You Want…A Field Guide for Perpetually Exhausted Entrepreneurs.

Elizabeth is sassy and brilliant and a whole lot of fun. Join us for a wild ride as we dive into creativity, parenting, entrepreneurship, conscious uncoupling and belonging. Elizabeth shares her thoughts on the power of surrender and walks us through how to get what we want.

“Regardless of where you are right now and what you have, you have and are enough right where you are. You grow from there.”

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Find Your Awesome with Sara Marie


Sarah Marie is an Intuitive Life Coach and Medium who helps others get connected to their own intuition, alignment and happiness. Ever since she was little, Sarah heard her inner voice tell her she was meant to make a big difference in the world. She had an ideal childhood, but suffered from extreme anxiety. Throughout high school, she spiraled, trying everything from eating disorders to drugs to run from her anxiety. Once she became a wife and a mother, she started suffering from panic attacks, depression and feelings of being overwhelmed. She had hit rock bottom.

After five years of therapy, four life coaches, countless energy healers, two bachelor’s degrees, hundreds of books, embracing her mediumship, life coaching school, investing over $100,000 in her personal development path plus a strong belief that she was meant for more, Sarah broke free from her own hell. Sarah found that all the answers she’d been searching for were within her and embraced the healing gifts she’d been given.

Sarah and I talked about her path to mediumship, how to get in alignment and conscious parenting. AND she channeled my deceased grandmother. This is a fun  and magical episode for anyone interested in upleveling their life. 

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Find Your Awesome with Kirk Walker


Kirk Walker: “Influence is our greatest gift.”

Kirk Walker is an assistant softball coach for UCLA Softball. He was the head softball coach at Oregon State from 1995 to 2012 where he was the all-time winningest coach in the program’s history and the Conference Coach of the Year in 1999 and 2005. In 2005, his OSU team won the first regular season Pac-10 title for any OSU women’s sports program. And in 2006, he led the OSU team to a 28-game winning streak and the program’s first appearance in the Women’s College World Series.

Kirk has also worked as an assistant for the USA Elite Team and the gold medal-winning USA Softball Junior Women’s National Team. And, as a player, Kirk was named the Most Valuable Pitcher in the summer of 2015 after winning his first National Championship as a player at the NAFA Men's Masters 40 and over National Championships.

In 2005, Kirk came out publicly and was called the “First Div 1 coach to be publicly out in the media.” He helped found the LGBT Sports Coalition and the NIKE #BETRUE campaign, is the administrator for the Equality Coaching Alliance and GOSPACE networks for LGBT sports professionals and LGBT student-athletes and sits on the Board of Directors for the Sports Equality Foundation.

I’ve had the opportunity to have some amazing conversations on The Find Your Awesome Podcast. Kirk is an open, curious, authentic human and I really enjoyed our time together. We discussed athletics as a microcosm of the real world, authenticity, visibility and the power of influence. We talked about “mental toughness,” the impact social media has on athletes’ confidence and the gift of being unique. This conversation was a gift. Soak it in.

“Being uniquely you and authentically you is absolutely the greatest thing you can do. You don’t need to be anyone else and you don’t need to fit in anyone else’s box. Be the best authentic you and you will live the best life you can.”
– Kirk Walker

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Find Your Awesome with Angela Naeth


Angela Naeth on Being Open to Possibilities

Angela Naeth is a professional triathlete originally from British Columbia, Canada. A super strong cyclist, Angela is a multiple 70.3 Ironman Champion, twenty-five time 70.3 podium finisher, Ironman 2014 Chattanooga Champion and the 2015 North American Ironman Champion with a sub-9-hour performance.

Angela, who has a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences and a Masters degree in Physical Therapy, worked as a pediatric and orthopedic physiotherapist for three years before she competed in her first triathlon and quickly made the jump to full-time racing.

In 2017, she created I Race Like A Girl, a women’s triathlon and cycling community. And in 2018, after she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, Angela became an advocate for Lyme Disease Awareness.

Angela and I had a fun conversation about her career, Lyme disease, resilience, connection, community, curiosity and gratitude.  

“I am very committed to my goals and what I want, but the options to get to that goal need to be open.”
– Angela Naeth

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Find Your Awesome with Michael O’Brien


Michael O’Brien on Resilience

Michael O’Brien is lucky to be alive. On July 11th, 2001, he was struck head-on by a speeding SUV while out on a training bike ride. He considers it his last bad day and shares his journey from being a human doer to a human being in his best-selling memoir, Shift: Creating Better Tomorrows, with all the proceeds going to the World Bicycle Relief.

Michael is an executive coach. He helps sales and marketing leaders who are juggling it all slay the internal feelings of worry and doubt so they can accomplish complete success.  

This is a powerful conversation. We talk about presence, resilience, fear and creating our own peloton. Michael is down-to-earth and inspiring, and his wisdom and stories have the power to change lives.

“We can worry ourselves sick, so why can’t we think ourselves well?”
– Michael O’Brien

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Find Your Awesome with Grace Presley


Grace Presley: “You are a story worth loving”

Grace Presley is a storyteller, artist, educator, encourager, business owner and cohost of the We Need to Talk Podcast. She is the founder of You are a Story Worth Loving—a movement and community where your stories are supported and your voice is heard, serving as a gentle reminder that the stories of our lives are worth loving. This movement allows us to recognize and find our own inner voice and share our sacred stories while inviting others to remove the stigma and join in on the conversation of our lives. Grace runs a local TuesdaysTogether chapter in Mooresville, NC. She is a grateful mama, believer in naps and supporter of stepping into our truth and sharing our stories.

Grace and I dig into her past story of domestic violence, divorce, eating disorders and jail and celebrate her present story of motherhood, community, creativity and truth. Grace is a gift and I am so grateful for the opportunity to share her with you.

“The moment I exposed my truth is the moment I began to rewrite it.”
– Grace Presley

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One Year of The Find Your Awesome Podcast


To celebrate the first anniversary of The Find Your Awesome Podcast, I sat down with my husband Peter McDougall to talk about the gifts, lessons and challenges of one year of podcasting. While an epic thunderstorm raged outside (you’ll hear some thunder), we talked about bravery, fear, selfishness and perspective. I share how I started the podcast and where the phrase “Find Your Awesome” comes from.

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey. Let’s keep going and find out what’s around the next corner.

Listen to my first episode with Pete here: