Find Your Awesome with Isabel Hundt


Isabel Hundt: “Fear is cheering you on to take that next step.”

Isabel Hundt is a successful Public Speaker, certified Transformation Coach working with Empaths and Empath-Warriors™, Emotions Clearing Practitioner and published Author of The Power of Faith-Driven Success. Her expertise revolves around navigating your emotional world, the important role of Empaths/ Empath-Warriors™, the power of intuition and the importance of trust and perseverance in today’s society.

In her own journey, Isabel’s biggest obstacle turned out to be to fully connecting with her heart and Soul to accept who she is as an Empath-Warrior™ and her unique gifts. From experiencing rejection and betrayal, to life-altering "failures", to depression and anxiety; Isabel's life is a great reflection of how anyone can create a deep spiritual connection within to discover and own their unique superpower and be able to powerfully step into their mission field.

Isabel and I dive headfirst into the language of color and her ability to read people’s hearts using color. We dig deep into emotions, protecting yourself from other people’s energy and raising a conscious child. Isabel offers lots of practical tips in this episode along with a coupon code for 30% off her Empowered Warrior course.

Isabel says, “Fear is cheering you on to take that next step.”

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Find Your Awesome with Audrey Holst


Audrey Holst on Making Meaning

Audrey Holst of Fortitude and Flow is an educator, writer, and Professional Certified Coach. She helps people trust themselves fully so they can do amazing things in the world and inspire others to do the same. She has taught and practiced yoga, meditation, and mindfulness for over a decade and works with tools from these practices to create lasting change. Her unique perspective approaches her clients as holistic systems that are wired for survival. By throwing out concepts like self-sabotage, she creates shifts in the present that translate into inspired action for the future.

Audrey and I dive into the practice of getting out of our heads and into our bodies, communicating and people needing people.

Audrey says, “I really wanted to do everything myself. I think the reality that I needed support and that I needed other people…I think that was one of the hardest things to really come to terms with.”

Resources Mentioned in this episode: “Getting Real: Ten Truth Skills You Need to Live an Authentic Life” by Susan Campbell, PhD

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Find Your Awesome with Annie McIlvaine


Annie McIlvaine: “You can make it as hard as you want.”

Annie McIlvaine is a strategist, a relationship builder, an organizer, and a fun-instigator. After searching for fulfillment working in event management, media production, and brand marketing, she stumbled into the leadership development field and found a calling.

A reformed Type A perfectionist, today Annie combines her natural skills with her professional background to help overwhelmed and overstretched professionals create space to live the life they love. She practices what she preaches by living her favorite life competing in triathlons, gardening, cooking, and playing with her two dogs and husband on the beach in sunny San Diego.

This is a fun and friendly conversation. We talk a lot about triathlon and share some stories about our early experiences in the sport. We dig into what it means to be an athlete and the unique overlap between athletes and entrepreneurs. Enjoy this one and laugh with us.

And remember, as Annie says, “You can make it as hard as you want.”

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Find Your Awesome with Erica Ballard


Erica Ballard:
“How you treat food is a reflection of how you live your life.”

Erica Ballard is a Healthy Living Expert and Coach who helps women and men all over the country ditch the diets, drop the self-sabotage, and finally gain control over their food and health. She specializes in upping one’s productivity and focus through food and works closely with clients to identity foods and habits that fuel their professional and personal goals.   

Erica believes better food leads to a better life and is on a mission to show people that they can enjoy healthy lives despite their busy schedules. 

This is a fun conversation with a whole lot of truth bombs. We talk about health, community, self worth, sleep, meditation, and, of course, food. Erica doesn’t hold anything back and that’s one of the things I adore about her. Prepare to take notes, friends, there are some gems in this episode.


“What’s your bullshit story around food? (Because you have one.)”

“How you treat food is a reflection of how you live your life.”

“On the other side of pain is joy, but people don’t want that pain… but that’s how you get to joy.”

“Food is actually really fucking easy.”

“You have to continue the work if you want to continue the self love.”


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Find Your Awesome with Jillian Bolanz


Jillian Bolanz on Superpowers

Jillian Bolanz is a Life and Business Coach, mamapreneur, writer, speaker and an ambassador for self-love and empowerment. She’s the host of the Morning Sunshine with Jillian Bolanz podcast and the True You Live event happening in Portland, Maine in October 2018.

Jillian helps motivated women loosen their grip on force and control, lean into trust and create the lives and businesses they truly want. She helps women spread their truth and make an enormous impact on the world in a way that feels life-giving and joyful to them.

This conversation is energetic, sparkly and slightly sassy. We talk about Jillian’s path to being onstage at her first live event and we dig deep into super powers and trust. We had a lot of fun creating this for you. Listen up and let the laughter and wisdom bombs bring some sunshine to your life.


“We try to downplay our superpowers or we try to shrug off what we’re really freaking good at because of a number of things. We don’t want to end up getting hurt by seeming like we are full of ourselves by stating it. Or we don’t want to make other people feel smaller because we’re standing in our light. I know these things because I’ve felt them before.”

“As entrepreneurs, especially early in the game, we forget to learn.”

“We spend so much time in the busyness of the world that we forget that we need us too.”

“As you do what you say you want to do, you start establishing a level of trust within yourself.”

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Find Your Awesome with Laura and Geo Villegas


Laura and Geo Villegas on Choosing Love Over Fear

Laura and Geo Villegas are the love, passion, drive and chief eternal optimists behind Baby Rhino Multisport. As lifelong athletes, they wanted to bring trendsetting, high performance athletic apparel to people regardless of age or size. And they wanted to use their brand to make a difference, which is why they created Baby Rhino with a cause: To inspire change and pay it forward by supporting charities that help Save the Rhino, Save the Planet, and take a stand against cancer.   

The philosophy of Baby Rhino is that the average person can accomplish extraordinary goals. Laura and Geo want to encourage people to live life to its fullest. They believe that life is short and that we must pursue adventures; train and race hard; show love to others; challenge ourselves to pursue new goals; and make a difference in the world around us while having fun living an active lifestyle. The Rhino is known as a living unicorn and is the embodiment of power, strength, and loyalty—a reminder that you can't judge a book by its cover. Baby Rhino Multisport believes that everyone can be fashionable and sun-safe while pursuing their fitness goals and that we can all make a difference by paying it forward in our communities.  

In this episode, Laura and Geo talk about the baby steps they’ve taken to get Baby Rhino Multisport off the ground, the sacrifices they’ve made and their deeper missions to support athletes and support endangered rhinos. AND they share their experiences with some serious health challenges and how they continue to follow their passions despite these obstacles. This is an inspiring episode! Enjoy!

Barking credit: That’s Lola. Apparently she’s a bit of a drama queen AND she’s adorable.


“You can do it. It’s not going to be easy and it’s going to take time. But you can do it.”

“Fear is something that really grips you. Whether it’s in a relationship, fear of failure, fear of being without (of sacrifice), if you stay in that fear, it’s paralyzing. But if you liberate yourself from it—when you focus on the love and what you want to do, this is our dream, this is our passion, this is our love—then it wipes away the fear.”

“Everybody has stuff. Don’t focus on the stuff. Focus on love, not fear.”

“Don’t be a bitch.”

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Find Your Awesome with Frank Macri


Frank Macri:
“What if you said yes to connection and no to your fears?”

Frank Macri is the President and Founder of Namasgay, an organization that brings together thousands mindful LGBTQ people looking to connect to themselves and others on a deeper level. Namasgay also supports purpose-driven LGBTQ leaders looking to start careers as public speakers. Every year, Namasgay hosts an annual Summit bringing together people wanting to find their voice and thrive in their spirituality, relationships and careers.

Frank’s background is in Leadership Development Training and Business Coaching. He has spoken internationally and mentored over 1,000 highly successful leaders, including a 3-time Emmy Award winner. Frank has partnered with one of the world’s most prestigious coaching institutes, where he trained hundreds of coaches on becoming influential leaders in their businesses and communities.

In this episode, Frank and I talk about his transition from being weighed down by shame and wanting to hide to wanting to stand out, be seen and lead a movement. We talk about fear, connection and leaps of faith. This is a fun, energizing conversation. If you need a kick in the pants to let yourself shine, listen up!


“By doing what felt right rather than what felt safe, that’s where I was able to open up to my truth and attract all these new possibilities for my life, for my spirituality, and all the opportunities that came my way after that.”

“When you ask for something big, the universe is going to ask you, ‘are you one foot in or are you two feet in?’”

“If we want to show up as conscious leaders, part of that journey is connecting with the creator inside us, connecting with that voice that says, ‘you are unstoppable, you can make things happen no matter what and you don’t need to let fear, doubt or circumstance tell you that you can’t do something.’ Because you can.”

“What if you said yes to connection and no to your fears?”

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Find Your Awesome with Liza Witonis


Liza Witonis: “If we were to treat our money like we would our best friend, how would that shift everything?”

Liza Witonis calls herself a personal wealth coach. I call her an intuitive wealth goddess. According to Liza, “wealth is the thread that connects your body, heart, soul and emotion together.” She teaches her clients how to live a fulfilling life by healing their relationships with money and by creating money plans that allows them to save, build personal wealth and pay off debt.

In this episode, we talk about Liza’s own journey to heal her relationship with money and pay off debt. We discuss our own personal definitions of wealth, talk about the words that our outlawed in Liza’s house and dig into how she’s teaching her 2 ½ -year-old daughter about money.

We’re talking about money, but this conversation isn’t heavy or filled with rules or shoulds. It’s fun, creative and expansive. If you have a relationship with money, this episode is for you.

“As adults, we’re so worried about what other people are thinking about our money, about our situation, about the debt that we have… who flipping cares?”


“If we were to treat our money like we would our best friend, how would that shift everything?”

“As adults, we’re so worried about what other people are thinking about our money, about our situation, about the debt that we have… who flipping cares?”

“With everything you do, there’s an exchange.”

“We’re tested daily because we have everybody else’s business in our back pocket with our phones.”

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