Find Your Awesome with Tamara Arnold


Tamara Arnold is a two-time International Best-Selling Author, Mamapreneur, Mental Health Advocate, Energy Reader and Spiritual Badass. Creator of the Tea with Tamara Podcast and founder of the Chakra Business Academy and The Magical Mastermind, Tamara helps spirit-driven entrepreneurs step into their stardust to create and even bigger impact on the world. As a mama to kids with a variety of mental health issues, Tamara created her business to offer her flexibility and time to be home with her family. She lives in St. Catharines, Ontario with her husband, four kids, two dogs and one cat. She loves New Kids on the Block, sings The Greatest Showman every day and is a huge fantasy novel book nerd.

This was such a fun conversation! Tamara totally brings it, walking us through each chakra with a whole lot of brilliance bombs. You guys, this episode is a must listen! Please leave some love in the form of a review and share with your friends.  

“True trust is knowing that everything is going to be okay. Nothing bad can happen and all your needs are met. Stress, overwhelm and worry comes from the opposite of that.”

- Tamara Arnold

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Find Your Awesome with Natalie Vartanian


Natalie Vartanian is a total Unicorn. She is a certified life coach, intuitive, workshop facilitator, writer, speaker, tarot reader and dancing machine. She uses her unique blend of magic and practicality to ignite hearts and help people lead their most turned on lives. Her diverse Street Cred includes getting a Business Degree from USC, working in Corporate for 10 years (major oil, commercial construction, legit shit basically), reading Tarot Cards for 15 years (self-taught), and coaching around intimacy (her obsession) and passion/ purpose for over 10 years. One of her peak experiences was bringing all of her magic together for Google’s Education Outreach Department in 2012. Her writing has been featured in elephant journal, Forbes and Good Men Project. She is the creator of the Virtual Love Course, co-host of Sex the Podcast, and host of Taboo and Turn On, Natalie is working on self-publishing her first book, a self-help erotica memoir, slated to launch beginning of 2019.

Natalie and I talk about love, connection, vulnerability, relationships, magic, experimentation and more. This conversation is rich and Natalie’s experiences, insights, words and magic are such a gift to this world. Enjoy the experience and please share with a friend.

“I don’t think that magic and faith in God are that different.”
-Natalie Vartanian


Find Your Awesome with Damion Lupo


Damion Lupo’s key to success is breaking rules and making more mistakes faster than the competition. He is a best selling author, host of the Transformation Nation podcast, owner of 30+ companies, founder of the martial art Yokido® and man on a mission to free people from money bondage.

Damion and I had a lot of fun creating this episode. We talked about energy, perspective, trust, presence, curiosity, passive income and more. Damion’s audio is a little squirrely in spots, but please stay with us as he drops wisdom bombs like: “Presence is where the power is and where the clarity comes in,” and “We generally know; we just don’t believe ourselves.”

“If it matters, it’s worthy of energy.”

-Damion Lupo 

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Find Your Awesome with Adria DeCorte


Adria DeCorte, M.S., is a Messaging Coach, helping women coaches uncover the marketing message that lights them up AND communicates the value in their work so they can reach more people, scale their business and start a movement. A TEDx speaker and former architect turned plant ecologist, she is the creator of the program Get Clear, Get Clients and host of the Unforgettable Podcast. Her expert advice has been featured on the Huffington Post, the Fox Morning News Las Vegas, and over 30 interviews. When she's not geeking out over words on her laptop, she can be found hiking around Vegas with her fur-baby Lexi the doberman.

“Energy comes first,” says Adria and you will feel Adria’s energy in this episode. She is such a bright light! We had a lot of fun with this conversation, digging deep into connection, messaging, words, passion and living on purpose. This episode is for any human who communicates with other humans.

“If I want my people to take a stand for things that matter to them, then I want to say things that matter to me.”

-Adria DeCorte

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Find Your Awesome with Brooke Miller


Brooke Miller is a compassionate creative whose purpose is to guide people to their deepest foundational truths so that they can live their most authentic lives. Founder of Wildfire Love, Brooke believes that nothing is more important than the relationship you have with yourself. Her own journey into clarity and awareness has driven her into the arms of people-pleasing, doubt, and overwhelming fear. Adventuring into the deepest parts of self and truly discovering who you are is pivotal to creating a life of authenticity, truth and alignment. To overcome, you must go through. On a lighter note, Brooke also has big love for dogs, naps and tacos.

This conversation is exactly like Brooke’s bio—heart-centered and fun. We talk about love, legacy, meditation, striving and human design. At the heart of it all, this is a conversation about authenticity and knowing and loving ourselves.

Brooke leaves us with some powerful questions, including:
“How can I show up in this situation as love?” and “What do you want your legacy to be?”

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Find Your Awesome with Robert Kandell


Robert Kandell has been helping men find themselves for fourteen years. By creating a relationship of absolute approval with his clients he is able to see the parts, which are hidden in their shadows: fetishes, hurts and hidden desires. With a loving hand, he encourages men to accept these traits and utilize them as internal power. An expert in interpersonal communication and relationships, he has helped thousands of students find a more balanced, energized life with better relationships, more sex and more happiness. His coaching style is challenging, fraternal and highly rewarding and definitely not for the faint hearted, he has been described as “part football coach, part loving dad and part slightly crazed drill sergeant.” He is the host of the highly successes podcast, Tuff Love.

This episode is powerful. Robert and I dig into masculine and feminine dynamics and explore questions like, why men don’t trust women and why women believe that men aren’t listening. We discuss how men and women can support each other and how “society teaches us to be mediocre communicators.” Robert calls women out on our struggle to receive and explains how all men are chauvinists. This conversation may trigger you. And if it does, I invite you to lean in a little deeper and get curious. Let’s keep this conversation going.  

“We stand in our fury and anger of the status quo and don’t do anything about it and then we think really hard bad thoughts and expect the other person to hear our bad thoughts. And then we get mad that they can’t hear our bad thoughts instead of using this oratory device called our voice.” – Robert Kandell

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Find Your Awesome with Kimberly Borges


Kimberly Borges is a Transformational Brand Coach. Her mission is to empower women to tell their stories and to stand in their truth, and through this journey launch a business that encompasses their heart’s true calling. She has gone from homeless teen to accountant at a fancy CPA firm to successful entrepreneur, and has learned everything it takes to create an intentional life and brand filled with purpose, joy, and moxie.

This episode is pretty epic! Kimberly shares stories from her time in juvenile detention, talks about what led her to accounting and finally tells the story of how she became an inspiring, self-aware, manifesting badass with two online businesses. Along the way, she drops some brilliance bombs like, “I finally had the awareness that I was waking up every morning hating myself,” and “I used to think that my story made me broken.” What inspires her most about her clients right now? “They get to literally be themselves and make money.”

This episode has it all. Enjoy! 

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Find Your Awesome with Bryan Mineo


Bryan’s greatest passions are the ocean and creativity community. He’s melded the two in creating SMOG, a year-round, open-water group of over 1800 athletes that range from beginner to Olympian, and are spread all over California. Inspired by their stories, Bryan created The SMOGcast, a podcast in which he helps his guests overcome fear and find their higher purpose in life. 

Bryan is a powerful force of love and a balance between deep-seated groundedness and playful flow. I really enjoyed this conversation and hope you do too. We dove deep into play, presence, connection, fear and the power of the breath. You absolutely don’t need to be a swimmer or an athlete to connect with this conversation. Open your mind, heart and ears and be present with us.

“When you can start to relax and enjoy that stillness, your heart rate slows down, your body lets go of the grip that you tend to have without realizing it. And you feel so melty and good. And you can’t help but wonder, ‘Is this how we’re supposed to feel all the time?’” 

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