Find Your Awesome with Jennifer Urezzio


Jennifer Urezzio: “You’ll be an unstoppable freight train of goodness.”

Jennifer Urezzio is a master intuitive who uses her intuitive skills to help raise consciousness and help people connect to themselves, to each other and to the Divine. She’s also the author of two books (“Soul Language Consciously Connecting To Your Soul for Success” and “A Little Book of Prayers”) and the founder of Soul Language, a paradigm that provides guidance for understanding our true nature and tools for accessing deeper levels of awareness.

Jennifer and I dig deep into soul languages, flow, fully receiving and intuitive etiquette. This is a fun, light-hearted conversation about our souls and our true callings.

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Find Your Awesome with Amanda Ward


Amanda Ward on Alignment

Amanda J Ward is a transformational wellness coach. She brings her cred as a personal trainer, a nutrition coach and a licensed mental health counselor to each group and individual session to help her clients become who they were created to be. Amanda's passion and purpose in wellness developed over the first few decades of her life, which included an eating disorder, low self-esteem and emotional disruption, addictive behavior and physical obstacles. Amanda’s experiences, combined with her empathy and intuition lead to the formulation of the whole-person approach she uses today. A reforming type A, Amanda strives to authentically uplevel herself through marathon running and nutritional experiments to manage her own autoimmune challenges. She lives in a small coastal town with her husband, daughter and dog...finding peace in each moment while simultaneously pursuing excellence in all things.  This is the definition of her business name, Awarding Life.  

Amanda and I dig into personality vs. patterns, alignment, autoimmune experiences, candida cleanses and more. This is an authentic open-hearted conversation. Enjoy!

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Find Your Awesome with Katie Zaferes


Katie Zaferes on Growth, Communication and Curiosity

Katie Zaferes grew up in Hampstead, MD playing soccer, lacrosse and swimming. She picked up running her sophomore year in high school and went on to run at Syracuse University where she was recruited by the USA Triathlon Collegiate Recruitment Program. Katie started her triathlon career in 2013 and has been on the WTS podium 13 times, winning once. She finished 3rd in the overall WTS Series in 2017 and competed in the 2016 Rio Olympics. While Katie and her husband Tommy are official California residents, they spend most of the year traveling the world to train and race.

Katie’s wifi connection was a bit sketchy throughout our conversation so please bear with the audio quality on this one. Katie shares her advice on traveling across the world for races and gives us a sneak peek into her favorite foods. We talk about tough training days, how Tommy supports her, coming back from crashes, love languages, the nomadic lifestyle and more. Enjoy the inspiration!

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Find Your Awesome with Natalie Egan


Natalie Egan:
“Gender as a label doesn’t work. Gender, to me, is an expression.”

Natalie J. Egan (she / her / hers) is an openly transgender B2B software entrepreneur. As CEO and founder of Translator, she is on a mission to scale empathy and equality through technology. Prior to founding Translator in 2016 - and prior to her transition - Natalie was CEO and founder of PeopleLinx, a venture capital backed social selling technology solution that was acquired by a leading sales acceleration company. She is currently writing her first book about her transition from male to female CEO and the business lessons learned along the way.

Natalie and I talked about labels, gender, consciousness, empathy, alignment, growth and gratitude. Natalie’s wisdom and light are enlightening and inspiring. She shares her heart in this conversation and it is such a gift.

“Gender as a label doesn’t work. Gender, to me, is an expression.”

“Really being alive is just the act of becoming more conscious over time.”  

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Find Your Awesome with Kat Donatello


Kat Donatello on Being Open to Possibilities

In 2014, Kat Donatello set out to create a holistic and all natural product that would help her dogs with their health, wellbeing and various ailments. She started experimenting with various recipes and CBD oils in her home kitchen in Maine and saw amazing results with her dogs Brady and Austin. Two years later, Austin and Kat launched nationally online and in select veterinary clinics and retail locations. The company has continued to expand throughout the country and just launched in the UK.

Kat and I talk about growth, fear, role models, expansion and partnerships. Kat shares some great insight on consciously creating a team and supporting others in their zones of genius. We talk about boundaries and juggling business, family life and endurance sports. And of course we talk about dogs.

This episode is for you if you’re an entrepreneur, a parent, an athlete, a creator or if you’ve ever tried to do it alone.

Make sure you listen all the way to the end for a coupon code for 50% off your first purchase, good until the end of 2018.

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Find Your Awesome with Sarah True


Sarah True: “Nobody will ever care as much as you care.”

Sarah True is a two-time Olympian and three-time ITU World Medalist who has recently made the switch to long course non-draft triathlon as a professional. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband, professional runner Ben True, and their dog. She and Ben have teamed up with Des and Ryan Linden to launch the coffee-roasting start-up Linden & True.

Sarah and I talked about the difference between short course draft-legal racing and Ironman training and racing. We talked about perspective and mindset and staying grounded and balancing life as an athlete and a business owner. We really dug deep here and Sarah shares some great gems like these:

“If you don’t love growth, you’re going to spend too much time being frustrated.”

“Nobody will ever care as much as you care.”

“The breaking and healing is part of the natural process.”

“We hold ourselves to impossible standards as humans, but we’re really just part of the whole model.”

Enjoy this experience.

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Find Your Awesome with Raechel Anderson


Raechel Anderson on Authenticity

Raechel Anderson is incredibly passionate about seeing people embrace who they are and what they’re meant to do and she incorporates that passion into everything she does as a coach, confidante, strategist, speaker, trainer, writer, friend, and human being.  

Raechel believes God doesn’t make extra humans, and that we’re all here to fulfill a unique Divine purpose. She believes people shouldn’t apologize for who they are, and that inner peace comes only when we live authentically and boldly as God created us.  

She believes the perfect temperature is 70 degrees, and air conditioning is what she’d bring to a deserted island, if she were only allowed one thing. She believes that cussing & praying are not mutually exclusive. She believes in always using the Oxford comma, and that adverbs are woefully underused in today’s discourse. She loves baseball, shoes, heist films, tacos, and Cherry Coke from Coca-Cola Freestyle machines.

Raechel knows that part of her Divine purpose is helping others uncover their Divine purpose and create a life they can love, where they can both live that purpose, and care for themselves & their loved ones.

And Raechel has a contagious laugh and snort that I adore. This may be the most fun episode so far. We went everywhere, talking about coaching vs. consulting, taking off the masks we hide behind, Raechel’s former business as a coach for brides and so much more. This episode will lift your energy and enlighten you. Enjoy!

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Find Your Awesome with Will Rezin


Will Rezin: “Now is all that ever exists for the body.”

Will Rezin is a high-performance coach. He works with influencers, high-performers, coaches, and entrepreneurs to master themselves from the inside-out.

Will believes that everything begins and ends inside of you, in your SOMA, your body. While the mind is a powerful tool, it is merely an interpreter of the systems that guide and direct your journey in this world. 

Will brings 20+ years of extensive study in ancient and esoteric teachings into his work. Everything he does in life is through the filter of symbolism. Through his years of studying human development he's found that almost every culture, in one way or another, has come to a similar conclusion about transformation: The key to changing the world is in your heart, in your body, in your nervous system. It all begins with you.

This is a pretty epic conversation. Will and I talk about somatic awareness, the definition of trauma, the role of the polyvagal nerve and fascia and then we dive deep into his experiences with mysticism and psychedelics. You will hear my mind be blown multiple times.

Will leaves us with a few gems to ponder:

“Now is all that ever exists for the body.”

“What keeps us stuck is the clinging.”

“The body naturally is in search of healing.”

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