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Tricia Huffman: Choosing Collaboration over Competition

Tricia Huffman wants you to live YOUR best life ever. Her mission in life is to inspire you to be your most true self and to truly live a life that you love each and every day. After healing herself from constant pain and the sudden loss of her father, she felt that life was too short to live a life of “shoulds” and to simply follow trends. She created her brand, Your Joyologist, to share inspiration daily as she has seen first hand that even those people that “have it all” still have doubts, fears, worries, and stress. Her joyology ranges from her work touring with Grammy award-winning artists and keeping them healthy, grounded and inspired in body and mind, to leading group coaching programs and creating the Own Your Awesome® affirmation deck, to being a mindful momma.

Tricia came into my life after I’d published two episodes of my podcast (then called The Own Your Awesome Podcast). She reached out with love to ask me to change the name of my podcast because I was infringing on her trademark AND she suggested that we connect since we obviously have a lot in common. We tell the rest of this story in this episode and share why choosing collaboration over competition feels so good. And then we go everywhere else. This is a fun, high-energy conversation with a few little mumbles from Tricia’s infant daughter. If you’re ready to make conscious choices, create joy and be inspired, listen up. And if you’re a business owner or a human that interacts with other humans, listen closely. Great things come from choosing love and collaboration over fear and competition.


“Just because I can do that and I can deliver my inspiration that way and I can deliver services that way and that could be a way to reach more people, do I actually want to? What’s the best use of my time?”

“When we’re feeling emotional pain, we do start to feel it in our body.”

“When you’re not really living your life from your heart, when you’re not being honest with yourself, when you’re not in a good situation, then you feel more pain.”

“If you don’t acknowledge the feelings, you’re not really getting through them.”

“It can feel like nobody believes in you, but it’s really that they love you so much they’re protecting you because they want you to be taken care of.”

“I try to take fear and use it as excitement.”

“We’re always protected.”

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s important to trademark your business name or phrase

  • How to choose inspiration over jealousy

  • How Tricia made the decision to own her awesome at age 15

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