Find Your Awesome with Alison Graddock


Alison Graddock:
“There are no shortcuts; you just have to do the work.”

Alison Graddock is the chef and owner of Nutrition Kitchen, a meal prep company in New Jersey that is changing the way people think about clean eating. She’s also a Health Coach, Certified Life Coach and Crossfit Coach. She’s committed to taking a holistic approach to being healthy and happy and will be the first one to encourage you to follow your passion and do more of what you love. 

We cover a lot in this conversation. We talk about how Alison created Nutrition Kitchen and how she’s grown in her first year of business. (Listen up, entrepreneurs: Quality matters!) And then we head into goal-setting, empowerment and Crossfit. We talk about celebrating progress, committing to doing your best and letting go of caring about what other people think.

If you want to hit your goals, up-level your life or business, and become unstoppable, this episode is for you.


“If it’s a quality product, the business will come.”

“There are no shortcuts; you just have to do the work.”

“Strong is about feeling confident in your body.”

“We have these limits and if we just have someone there once in a while to call BS on some limit, it makes you think a little bit differently about what’s possible and what you’re capable of.”

“We all need a little more ‘recognizing progress’ in our lives because it’s always focused on ‘I-can’t-fail and I-can’t-mess-up.’”

“Give less fucks about people judging you.”

“I’m really confident about not having it figured out.”

“Just be committed to doing your best every day.”

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