Find Your Awesome with Angelina Lombardo


Angelina is a best selling author and coach who works with individuals in the sex industry, helping them live more aligned, wealthy, and powerful lives in society. She is devoted to breaking down the stigma society places on men and women in the sex industry, and coaches from experience.  

“It’s very important to know who you are so that you don’t hold everyone else’s shit.”

- Angelina Lombardo 

Angelina and I get real, talking about the difference between inner and outer conversations and we dig into surrender…really, really dig into it. Buckle up, listeners, because this episode just speeds up with the truth bombs as it unfolds in all of its glory! 

“When my body broke, that’s when true surrender really took place.”

- Angelina Lombardo

“It is NOT our job in any way shape or form to hold any outside shame for what we have actually been through. To take that on is actually victimizing yourself over. And it is extremely harmful.”

- Angelina Lombardo

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