Find Your Awesome with Geoff Laughton


“Stop waiting. […] You don’t have time to wait for some ideal thing to happen, to wake up to love with everything you’ve got, repair what needs to be repaired, go after the dreams you’ve been putting on the back burner.”

- Geoff Laughton

Geoff Laughton is an internationally in-demand Relationship Coach and the author of the internationally best-selling books, “Instant Insights on Building a Conflict-Proof Relationship” and “Built to Last: Designing & Maintaining a Loving, Lasting, and Passionate Relationship” and a co-author of the new bestseller, “Ready! Set! Date!” For 23 years, he’s been guiding couples and individuals in designing and building conscious, spirit-led relationships and lives they truly desire. He’s also an innovator in modern day men’s evolution and empowerment through his international The Evolving Man Men’s Community. Inspired and taught by his marriage of 37 years, Geoff coaches people in having relationships and lives that go beyond the settling that so many people have come to accept to create truly expansive relationships that match their fully authentic selves.

“I really realized I had to change. But what I thought then that I needed to change was just my body. So, I lost 100 pounds over a nine-month period; I looked fabulous. But I didn’t change anything else. Dumb move.”

- Geoff Laughton

We start this episode comparing notes about how we each chose not to let logic get in the way of love. From there, Geoff describes how he learned to let his heart take a larger role in his life, and how he found a better balance between mind and heart. We touch on healthy masculinity and the need to balance our masculine and feminine sides. Whether you are single or in a relationship, there’s something in here for you. 

“Love is not enough. […] Love is the ante, that's your ante to be in the game in the first place.”

- Geoff Laughton

“Shit doesn’t happen by you sitting on your couch. Stuff happens because you’re working hard, you’re in action. The key difference is I don’t get anywhere near as tired or worn out when I am doing a lot for what my being is here to have happen. Then I feel alive.”

- Geoff Laughton

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