Find Your Awesome with Gia Duke


Gia Duke is the author of Get Your Heart On: The How-To Guide for People Who Want to Make a Difference. A passionate humanitarian, Gia founded the nonprofit Re:mix for foster youth, has done aid work in Africa, and has worked directly with animal rescue organizations. 

Through her work as a speaker, facilitator, and creator of the Revolution Super Love movement, she is on a mission to brighten the world through creating more love, compassion, and understanding. She works alongside big-hearted women and men who want to get clear on what matters most and generate the guts to go after it.

“You are not alone. And every problem in the world is not yours to solve.”

- Gia Duke

We’re not here to save the world or to fix the world. We’re here to change the world and to put a whole lot of love into it. Gia and I talk about how hard it can be to make the shift from rescuing to helping, and how important that shift is to protecting both yourself and the person/people you want to help. The key thing is to remember that you aren’t alone. There are people all around you doing their thing to make this planet a better place. Find what you are drawn to and commit to that.  

“There are so many people doing amazing things, you don’t have to recreate it and do something on your own after every trauma in the world. It’s not as effective to do everybody else’s job; we can do it all together.”

- Gia Duke

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