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Jennifer Greer: “Love is a practice.”

Jennifer Greer is a lover of humanity, relationships and experiences. She embodies these passions as a Certified Professional Coach and the founder of Your Kick Ass Marriage, where she works with her fellow married millennials who are ready to take the next big leap and transform their ordinary marriage into a highly conscious, divine union.

Jennifer’s path has been inspired by her parents' toxic marriages, the subsequent childhood wounds she carried into her adulthood and her own failing marriage. She worked with a coach and quickly experienced an unexpected breakthrough and miraculous energetic shift. Jennifer realized she was never even stuck to begin with. Her marriage began to reflect the same growth, and quite "accidentally", she fell back into love with her husband and herself. And her husband, well, he couldn't help but grow with her. People noticed, and they wanted to know how to get these same results and soon Your Kick Ass Marriage was born.

Jennifer brings such love, curiosity and intention to this conversation. She shares wisdom and powerful questions for couples, parents and humans in all sorts of relationships. This conversation shines a light on a lot of things we don’t openly discuss about our relationships. Whether you want to improve your relationship with yourself, your partner or a friend, this conversation will not only make you think, it will give you some steps to toward creating a conscious partnership.


“We don’t want to just play house anymore.”

“We really want our relationship with our spouse to reflect that hunger for growth.”

“We’re no longer just going through the motions in life. We want to truly experience ourselves in this human form and we want to know more.”

“We are not created to do life by ourselves.”

“Once we start minimizing ourselves to keep the peace in a marriage—or any relationship—and we’re afraid of the repercussions of showing up as who we are because we feel like this other person is going to be offended or think that we’re wrong or think that we’re saying that they’re not right, we stuff things inside of ourselves or water ourselves down.”

“I’m so much more grounded as a mother than I’ve ever been before.”

“There’s nothing that puts you more in the moment than play and moving your body.”

“Stop trying to be a hero and multitask everything.”

“There’s such a misconception that when you fall in love with somebody that that’s the pinnacle experience.”

“The joy and happiness and pleasure and passion you seek in your relationship are things you should be seeking in the relationship you have with yourself.”

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  •  How being in your head is a coping mechanism

  • What a conscious partnership looks like

  • What practicing love looks like


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