Find Your Awesome with Lena Elizer


Lena Elizer is an intuitive designer, artist, branding expert and leader. She works with high-achieving female solopreneurs who are ready to up-level their business and position themselves as leaders to help them build brands that feel like a beautiful extension of themselves. Lena believes that when women show up as themselves, fully accepting their strengths and weaknesses, listening to that deep knowing we all have inside, and start rediscovering their own magic, we can build businesses in a unique way that not only empowers us to live our best lives, but helps lift those around us. She wants to help women show up in business and life in a way that feels true for them and brings their unique gifts to the table. Because when women rise, we all rise.

Lena is a self-described intuitive extraverted introvert who loves a well placed swear word and combining deep wisdom with just enough honest humor. So, obviously, we had a fun conversation. We talked about branding and we talked about social media, drawing unicorns and remembering who you are. If you are an entrepreneur or if you’re feeling like your path in life is taking you in a million different directions, this episode if for you.

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