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Morgan Field: “If you can’t inspire you, how the hell are you going to inspire anyone else?”

Morgan Field is Amazon’s #1 best-selling author of Epic Sexy You: No Limits. No Rules. She is the Winner of the 2015 IPEC Coaches Cup, an intuitive life coach, growth junkie, rebel, pioneer, adventure-obsessed goddess, and she’s addicted to creating things that awaken and expand souls. She is an expert on self-love, confidence, happiness, entrepreneurship, and living life to the fullest. She is on a mission to redefine for the world what it actually means to Live - and is a beacon of light for what is possible in squeezing every single morsel of yummy goodness out of life.

She is the Founder of the International Female Empowerment Brand – Epic Sexy You, which is starting an Epic Sexy Revolution in 18 countries (and counting), setting the world on fire and awakening souls to their divine power. She combines life coaching with the power of channeling Spirit Guides to deliver the most unbelievably mind-blowing transformative experiences for women around the globe.

This conversation is epic. Morgan is totally real and totally magical. We dive deep into fear and shame and living in alignment. And Morgan drops some beautiful truth bombs such as, “If you can’t inspire you, how the hell are you going to inspire anyone else?” Set aside some time for yourself, grab your journal and give yourself the gift of this listen.


“As you escalate in your life, your quality of problems—your opportunities for growth—they get higher and higher.”

“When you actually know something, you align yourself with it and you take action.”

“Once you realize that what was supposed to bring fulfillment based on the story that others are projecting onto you isn't fulfilling you, you start to question everything else.”

“There’s a lot of comfort in darkness, in settling.”

“In order to actually own your full power, you’re going to have to let go of your comfort blanket.”

“What do you want? And are you aligning your ways of comfort and safety to be in balance and alignment with what you actually want?”

“I believe there’s an intersection between comfort and dream-chasing.”

“There’s something really beautiful about proactively combatting shame.”

“The more consciousness you have, the more confidence you have.”

“You have a choice whether or not you believe the chatter. You have a choice whether or not to succumb to the fear.”

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