Find Your Awesome with Natalie Vartanian


Natalie Vartanian is a total Unicorn. She is a certified life coach, intuitive, workshop facilitator, writer, speaker, tarot reader and dancing machine. She uses her unique blend of magic and practicality to ignite hearts and help people lead their most turned on lives. Her diverse Street Cred includes getting a Business Degree from USC, working in Corporate for 10 years (major oil, commercial construction, legit shit basically), reading Tarot Cards for 15 years (self-taught), and coaching around intimacy (her obsession) and passion/ purpose for over 10 years. One of her peak experiences was bringing all of her magic together for Google’s Education Outreach Department in 2012. Her writing has been featured in elephant journal, Forbes and Good Men Project. She is the creator of the Virtual Love Course, co-host of Sex the Podcast, and host of Taboo and Turn On, Natalie is working on self-publishing her first book, a self-help erotica memoir, slated to launch beginning of 2019.

Natalie and I talk about love, connection, vulnerability, relationships, magic, experimentation and more. This conversation is rich and Natalie’s experiences, insights, words and magic are such a gift to this world. Enjoy the experience and please share with a friend.

“I don’t think that magic and faith in God are that different.”
-Natalie Vartanian