Find Your Awesome with Natasha Lindor


Natasha Lindor:
“Energy is Everything.”

The daughter of parents who immigrated to the United States from Haiti for a better life, Natasha Lindor grew up believing a top-notch education and a relentless work ethic unlocked the door to success. After checking all the boxes, including degrees from two high-ranking universities and a 15-year climb up the ladder of soul-sucking success, Natasha hired a coach for a work-life balance upgrade and traded in her corporate heels to help others invite more purpose, passion and possibility into life and work. Today Natasha is the go-to career and lifestyle success coach for uncompromising professionals who want to be more than a job title. She teaches women how to succeed with soul so they can live, love and work on their terms. This was such a fun conversation. Natasha’s energy is electric and joyful. Prepare to learn and smile.


“When we try to make ourselves fit into something, that’s when we get frustrated and bored.”

“Surrounding yourself with people who are not settling and who are going after what they want helps to create some momentum for you as a reminder that you can create whatever you want.”

“Social media can be a source of inspiration or desperation.”

“We’re all intuitive. It gets beat down because school is all about logic, facts and information. That’s important, but the fun part is listening to your unique programming for fun and ease and joy.”

“The more women are listening to their own intuition on their best way to be, the better off we’re all going to be.”

“My parents came here for a better life. I got the education, but really I didn’t feel like I was having that much of a better life than they anticipated. My parents worked really hard, but they had a purpose—to send me and my sister to good schools. I was working really hard, but the purpose wasn’t there.”

In this episode, you’ll learn:

·      How Natasha manifested her dream home in Hawaii

·      How to hold out for what you know is right

·      How Natasha met her husband by feeding her own soul

·      How tapping into her intuition helped her experience more play, fun and joy

·      How she transitioned from a corporate career to a life and career that she created

·      How allowing yourself to truly feel your feelings leads to a richer life

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