Find Your Awesome with Nicole Fortunaso


“We all have this deep knowing and we ignore it like hell.”

Nicole Fortunaso

Nicole Fortunaso came to Canada from Australia over 15 years ago, seeking a new experience and a business opportunity. Nicole now helps individuals stay tranquil, grounded and gain clarity with holistic and intuitive life coaching, including Reiki, tarot and other practical approaches. Despite a successful corporate career in marketing and technology, Nicole struggled with low self-worth and found herself looking externally for things that would validate and fix her and her situation. It wasn't until she discovered personal development and explored spirituality that she discovered that she was not broken – that despite all her flaws, she was ok. This is what inspired her to work with others in order to share what she’s learned from the mind, body and spirit perspectives, and to help others find their truth, tranquility and clarity. She is a Reiki master and has bachelor’s degrees in science and business. She works with individuals and entrepreneurs through her website,, and does a variety of workshops in Montreal and Australia.

Nicole and I covered a lot of magic in this conversation. We talked about protecting and clearing our energy, cord- cutting, Reiki and how other people’s energy can impact us. To close out the episode, Nicole gave me an amazing tarot reading. This episode is for you if you’re an empath, if you’re new to your spiritual gifts, if you don’t yet realize you have spiritual gifts or if you’re super clear about your spiritual path. Enjoy and please share with anyone who needs to hear this conversation.

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