Find Your Awesome with Walter Aguilar


Walter is a Certified COR.E Performance, Transition and Leadership Specialist (coach). He has supported many niches, from professional and competitive athletes and teams, to executives and business owners. He supports everyone from coaches to at-risk youths and adults, couples, students, and many others. A foster parent to a special needs boy from the age of 14 months to his current age of 19 years, Walter has experienced the tug of deciding to live from memory (ego) or inspiration.

“We carry a lot of our experiences physically.”

- Walter Aguilar 

We dive right in to the good stuff with this episode. We cover the value and the individualistic nature of grief, and the incredible importance of doing the inner work. We discuss the rampant impact of the “lack” mindset in the world today and the truth of what wisdom really is. Buckle up kids, because this episode delivers a never-ending stream of truth bombs and epiphanies and personal stories from Walter about the path he’s travelled.  

“Most people are under the illusion that they are making conscious choices. But what is actually happening is that they are making choices on how they feel in the moment. And how they feel in the moment is based on memory.”

- Walter Aguilar


“Even though we are all given life, we have to choose to love our lives—in spite of all the circumstances, in spite of all the lack, in spite of our imperfections that we see. If we can’t love ourselves, how can we love anyone else?”

- Walter Aguilar 

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