Find Your Awesome with Jenn Barley and Karen Sullivan


Jenn Barley and Karen Sullivan: “We help people be better people.”

Jenn Barley is a funny, high-energy, goal-loving leadership coach and coaching expert.
Karen Sullivan is a straightforward, real, fun-loving, living-life- on-the- edge leadership
coach and coaching expert. Together, Jenn and Karen are a force for love and ass-kicking
and are changing the world by training coaches and empowering leaders with their
company Kickstart Your Edge.

Jenn and Karen live bold, full lives. They take fearlessness and fun to a whole new level.
They got real with themselves and uncovered a bunch of stones and rocks in the process.
They dealt with, and got rid of, the baggage of expectations. And they worked on
developing a 360-degree view of life to better integrate all of the aspects of their
being—something they knew was necessary to be able to expand. And expansion and
abundance it has been and continues to be…love, ambition, consciousness and fun.
Doing it all in a no-nonsense, authentic and straightforward way!

This is a fun conversation. We talk about coaching, adventure, running, business and
travel. There’s some straight talk and some laughter. Enjoy!


“We help people be better people.” - Jenn
“I like to wake people up and shake people up.” - Karen
“We say ‘yes’ and then we figure out all the crap afterwards.” - Karen
“We’ve come too far with who both of us are as people to let any kind of bullshit
compromise that.” - Karen
“We’re all so much more alike than we are different.” - Karen
“Part of adventure is how can you do it together yet be individually motivated to make it
your own adventure?” - Jenn

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