Find Your Awesome with Amber Lilyestrom


Amber Lilyestrom: “To be able to truly receive our own joy is one of the truest acts of revolution that there is.”

Amber Lilyestrom is a transformational branding & business strategist, writer and speaker who helps entrepreneurs turn their passions into heart-centered brands and thriving businesses. She has been featured in Entrepreneur and Working Mother Magazine and is the host of The Amber Lilyestrom Show podcast. Amber supports visionaries, leaders and disruptivators in changing the world and their lives.

As Amber says, “we did a deep dark chocolate dive” in this conversation. We talked about how Amber came to finally embrace joy and how she learned to love herself. And in between, we talked about receiving and wholeness and truth and achieving and trust. Step into The Find Your Awesome Podcast classroom, open your heart and your mind, and receive these words. 

“Recognizing that we are whole is probably the most conscious realization that we can make—that we are bringing all parts of ourselves into the equation and into the story, into the way that we’re living, in the way to live clean—energetically, emotionally, all those things. To forgive former versions of ourselves, but also to acknowledge them and to have gratitude for them because they had the courage to stick to the dream even when there was literally no proof that it was going to come to fruition, or that there was going to be the solution that you desired on the other side.”


“To be able to receive our own joy is one of the truest acts of revolution there is.”

“In order for us to truly receive, we have to open our hearts to others.”

“What possibly could be achieved through the notion of opening, by finding a way to open every day?”

“I see the bumps and the bruises and the places along the way when I falter as feedback, not failure.”

“I’m the first one to give myself a break now, which is revolutionary.”

“If it feels scary, if it feels like I don’t want to do it, then I know I need to walk towards it and figure out why I don’t want to do it.”

“I don’t want to live my life with things off limits.”


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