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Alan Cohen on Connection

Alan Samuel Cohen has built a 30+ year career around the idea that no matter the industry or challenge, breakthroughs come from mastering effective communication. Spending decades as both a marketing expert and Human Resources consultant, he presided over the successful launch of the Harry Potter series as Scholastic’s Director of Marketing, as well as Director of Communications for the Broadway League. As an Executive Coach, Alan has worked with global organizations including, Bloomberg, NBC / Bravo, Edelman and MetLife.

During that time, Alan discovered an innate ability to transform already-successful executives into breakthrough leaders. This passion inspired him to make the leap into Executive Coaching, enabling him to train, speak, and coach inside some of the world’s top organizations. Alan’s work today inspires leaders to harness the power of communication to achieve exemplary results and meaningful connection.

Alan is the author of “Those Difficult Talks for PR Pros” and “The Connection Challenge: How Executives Create Power and Possibility in the Age of Distraction.”

Alan and I had a lot of fun creating this episode. We talked about connection, communicating, people pleasing, buttons and bravery. Alan shares some helpful strategies for responding when people push our buttons and communicating with people we don’t agree with. There’s a lot of valuable stuff in here. Listen, learn and laugh with us!


“In this busy distracted world, it can become more difficult to have deeper relationships because people are distracted and impatient.”

“I think we sometimes confuse disagreement with disconnection.”

“If we don’t focus on what we have in common, there’s no potential to be heard.”

“There’s a world that lives in our blind spot.”

“I feel like most of my growth comes from an awareness of where my buttons are being pushed.”

“To think that the world is always going to operate as we want is a formula for resentment and unhappiness.”

“We’re experiencing life through that filter of what was versus the filter of what is or the filter of what could be.”

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