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Christin Henke

Christin Henke:
“We need to take the moral association away from our food.”

Christin Henke is an intuitive eating coach, certified yoga instructor, and self-describe “integrative chef”. When she’s not explaining what 2 of those 3 things are, she’s busy facilitating honest conversations about necessary topics such as spirituality, poop, sex, and learning to reconnect to your inner wisdom.

I am so excited to share this human with you! Christin is pure love and wisdom and grace all mixed with a lot of badassery. She drops so many wisdom bombs in this short episode. Listen closely—it’s easy to get lost in the rhythm of Christin’s accent—you may want to take some notes on this one.


“We need to take the moral association away from our food.”

“You’re the same person you were right before you put your leg into that pant leg, but now you’re doubting yourself and you’re questioning yourself, you’re condemning yourself, you’re blaming yourself, you’re shaming yourself and you’re thinking of a plan to make yourself better when you were more than worthy like 30 seconds ago.”

“I couldn’t accept anything as it was and even self development, for me, was something that I was controlling.”

“Growth is positive, but I think a lot of us focus on areas of growth that we can control to avoid dealing with the uncomfortable stuff that feels out of control.”

“If you can’t trust yourself with what’s on the end of your fork, how are you going to trust yourself to leave a job that’s secure, but makes you miserable? Or to leave a marriage that’s destructive and doesn’t feel good? And to leave a friendship that is sucking the energy out of you?”

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