Find Your Awesome with Brooke Miller


Brooke Miller is a compassionate creative whose purpose is to guide people to their deepest foundational truths so that they can live their most authentic lives. Founder of Wildfire Love, Brooke believes that nothing is more important than the relationship you have with yourself. Her own journey into clarity and awareness has driven her into the arms of people-pleasing, doubt, and overwhelming fear. Adventuring into the deepest parts of self and truly discovering who you are is pivotal to creating a life of authenticity, truth and alignment. To overcome, you must go through. On a lighter note, Brooke also has big love for dogs, naps and tacos.

This conversation is exactly like Brooke’s bio—heart-centered and fun. We talk about love, legacy, meditation, striving and human design. At the heart of it all, this is a conversation about authenticity and knowing and loving ourselves.

Brooke leaves us with some powerful questions, including:
“How can I show up in this situation as love?” and “What do you want your legacy to be?”

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