Find Your Awesome with Bryan Mineo


Bryan’s greatest passions are the ocean and creativity community. He’s melded the two in creating SMOG, a year-round, open-water group of over 1800 athletes that range from beginner to Olympian, and are spread all over California. Inspired by their stories, Bryan created The SMOGcast, a podcast in which he helps his guests overcome fear and find their higher purpose in life. 

Bryan is a powerful force of love and a balance between deep-seated groundedness and playful flow. I really enjoyed this conversation and hope you do too. We dove deep into play, presence, connection, fear and the power of the breath. You absolutely don’t need to be a swimmer or an athlete to connect with this conversation. Open your mind, heart and ears and be present with us.

“When you can start to relax and enjoy that stillness, your heart rate slows down, your body lets go of the grip that you tend to have without realizing it. And you feel so melty and good. And you can’t help but wonder, ‘Is this how we’re supposed to feel all the time?’” 

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