Find Your Awesome with Kimberly Borges


Kimberly Borges is a Transformational Brand Coach. Her mission is to empower women to tell their stories and to stand in their truth, and through this journey launch a business that encompasses their heart’s true calling. She has gone from homeless teen to accountant at a fancy CPA firm to successful entrepreneur, and has learned everything it takes to create an intentional life and brand filled with purpose, joy, and moxie.

This episode is pretty epic! Kimberly shares stories from her time in juvenile detention, talks about what led her to accounting and finally tells the story of how she became an inspiring, self-aware, manifesting badass with two online businesses. Along the way, she drops some brilliance bombs like, “I finally had the awareness that I was waking up every morning hating myself,” and “I used to think that my story made me broken.” What inspires her most about her clients right now? “They get to literally be themselves and make money.”

This episode has it all. Enjoy! 

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