Find Your Awesome with Craig Haywood


“You are basically a construct of your parents’ ideal for themselves. But that doesn't necessarily mean that it’s yours.”

- Craig Haywood

Doctor of Chiropractic. Science Enthusiast. Networking Machine. Smiler. Deep Thinker. Rock Solid Buddy. Truth Seeker. Pragmatist. Co-host of The Ridiculously Human Podcast. Craig was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  He struggled a bit as a youngster with self-esteem issues. At times, he sometimes felt disconnected with his parents, he blamed himself for their fighting and would use food as a coping mechanism, and he ate a lot!! When he was 17 years old, he developed a passion for chiropractic medicine after a chiropractor treated his family’s sausage dog. A rather serendipitous scenario led him to accept a job in the Netherlands, where he could surround himself with some big thinkers at the forefront of the health industry.

Craig now lives in Gold Coast, Australia with his wife Chantelle. He is passionate about guiding others through boosting their health span and productivity at home and at the workplace using his knowledge of neuroscience, ergonomics and the human condition. Along with Gareth Martin, they help individuals and organizations better equip themselves to be micro-leaders and micro-influencers of the future.

“New challenges are so valuable in our lives. […] By doing something new, you grow so much.”

- Craig Haywood

We cover a lot of ground in this episode: from the programming we receive from our parents, to the ability of our first waking thought to shape the rest of our day—either positive or negative, to the value of experiencing new things. We are all many things in our lives, and all of our parts are not separate. By embracing our multiple parts, we can truly embrace ourselves. Enjoy, magical beings!

“Everyone has a story. […] If you sit down with anyone for long enough, and listen for long enough, there will be such interesting stuff in there that you can learn from.”

- Craig Haywood


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