Find Your Awesome with Tina Olsen


“Each and every one of us have the opportunity to be making what’s coming through us into our own unique creation.”

- Tina Olsen

Tina’s purpose is to be a beacon of unconditional love. She spent 15 years in the insurance industry, until upheaval in her personal life in 2012 and 2013 led to a spiritual awakening. Ever since she’s been on a journey of healing and expanding. She is now an energy healer, coach, philosopher, and creative. She started a coaching and consultancy partnership, with Julie Breckenfelder, called CORelement, with a vision to co-create conscious cultures, primarily in growth-start ups. Born and raised in the San Francisco bay area, she moved to Chicago 2.5 years ago to plant seeds of consciousness in the midwest. She loves traveling, running, paddle boarding, reading, and playing the saxophone and spending time in her soul homes of California, Kauai, and Provence.

“Our sparkly best selves are hard earned.”

- Tina Olsen

This episode starts out with a discussion of ego, and we drill down into good stuff from there. This conversation was open, honest and a true hear-to-heart about topics that are near and dear to me. 

“Just because you are capable of working at that pace, doesn’t mean that it’s going to serve your body and your being and your emotions and everything else.”

- Tina Olsen

 Note: In the introduction, I mentioned a book by Mark Nepo. The title of the book is The Exquisite Risk.

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