Find Your Awesome with Purdeep Sangha


“I was living a life that I thought other people wanted me to live. And I think so many of us are caught up in that trap of trying to chase success, and do things a certain way, and keep up with the Jones’s. And inside we know it’s not right, but we fool ourselves into believing that’s the way we need to live.”

- Purdeep SanghA

Purdeep Sangha helps entrepreneurs WIN in business and life. His personal mission is to help men live more fulfilling lives, have passionate relationships and raise happy families. As an entrepreneur, husband and father, Purdeep knows exactly how tough it can be to balance a successful business with a happy family. Purdeep uses his proprietary system called The Winner’s Formula to help men win. A system developed using performance psychology, latest neuroscience and the ancient art of mindfulness to align a man’s life energy, mind and emotions to create exponential confidence, performance, vitality, wealth, time, options, joy and fulfillment. 

“The more we know sometimes, the more narrow-minded we become; knowledge can actually be our biggest challenge in life.”

- Purdeep SanghA

Purdeep and I dig into men on this episode and the importance of balancing masculine and feminine energies. He also touches on how the term “alpha male” is so often misconstrued in our society. We cover plenty in this episode, from how important it is for men to skip the need to “chase a career” and instead simply work toward being the man they want to become, and how defining “winning” based on a single variable, such as salary or job title is a recipe for unhappiness.

“Men will live a good life, but they will not admit that they are challenged inside, that they are struggling inside.”

- Purdeep SanghA

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