Find Your Awesome with Robyn Eckersley


“Everyone has so much more history and baggage than you would ever imagine from the outside.”

- Robyn Eckersley 

As a Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, Robyn supports women in their desire for greater fulfillment, impact, and success across their lives. Her clients’ successes have taken the forms of founding non-profits and community organizations, book publications and speaking careers. They’ve created and implemented organizational-wide employee wellness programs, as well as generated greater alignment, confidence, and passion across their lives as a whole.

“People live into this lifestyle of mediocrity just because they feel like there’s nothing else out there or other things out there are for extraordinary people or for extraordinary circumstances.”

- Robyn Eckersley 

You don't have to choose—you can love where you live, what you do with your life and the relationships you have. Also, no one has it all figured out—you’re not alone. These are just a couple of the themes we cover in this wide-ranging episode. Magic can happen when two coaches sit down to talk about whatever comes to mind, and that’s what you’ll find in this episode. Enjoy!

“I can’t just keep throwing my resume out there telling the world I’m a project manager when actually I hate it now.” 

- Robyn Eckersley 

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