Find Your Awesome with Danielle Hendrickson


Danielle Hendrickson is a Certified Life Coach and a lover of all things women. Her greatest joy comes in helping women embrace their natural fierceness. She is a ‘Jill of all trades’ and has worn many hats in the service of her sisters. She has supported childbearing women through her work as a doula and lactation counselor. She works with women entrepreneurs through her work as a virtual assistant and a web designer. She also partners with Trades of Hope, an organization that markets fair-trade jewelry made by women who are being empowered out of sweatshops, extreme poverty, the sex trade and abuse. In Fall 2018 she co-founded Her Way of Love, an Episcopal women’s ministry designed around The Way of Love as a Rule of Life. 

Danielle is married to her high school sweetheart, Derek; and she is the mother of three awesome children. Her husband’s military career has led her to Hawaii, Kentucky, and Oklahoma, with a move to Germany currently pending.

My heart says that there’s somebody out there who really needs this conversation. If that person is you, enjoy unwrapping this gift. Danielle and I talk about the divine feminine, about our relationships with our bodies, about feminine and masculine energy and so much more. Danielle shares her personal journey and says, “I had to understand and love that woman to become everything I am now, and to become me now.” This conversation is filled with a lot of love and light and some humor—Danielle’s Christmas tree falls down in the middle of our conversation. Enjoy this one, friends. Just like Danielle, it’s a divine gift. 

“Love her well. It changes things.”
-Danielle Hendrickson

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