Find Your Awesome with Jen Gottlieb


Between her 14-season run as a co-host on VH1 and her acclaimed starring role in a Broadway national tour, Jen Gottlieb is no stranger to the stage. Now, she’s teaching others how to become the star of their own show.

Jen collaborates with life and business partner Chris Winfield to deliver Unfair Advantage Live, an event that gives ambitious entrepreneurs an all-access pass to the couple’s extensive circle of media contacts.

Jen herself regularly appears on the likes of CBS News, PBS’s Life and Living with Joanna Gagis, and Good Morning Washington, and she’s frequently featured in publications like Shape, Self, Women's Health, and Thrillist.

Drawing on her vast media network and her background in television, Jen helps her aspiring business leader clients make the connections they need to go from FOMO to famous — fast —  and landing them spots on Entrepreneur, ABC, Inc Magazine, US News & World Report, Forbes, Fortune and hundreds of other media outlets.

When she’s not making media magic at Unfair Advantage Live, Jen runs a successful editorial photography company called JLG Productions. Thanks to her lifelong passion for health and wellbeing, she’s also enjoyed a career as a fitness and nutrition coach to Manhattan’s celebrity and business elite.

Oh my goodness, this conversation is magical. Jen and I dig deep into gratitude and law of attraction. We talk about shedding the shoulds and showing up as our true selves. Jen says, “When I started taking myself out of the equation, and focused on helping somebody else, it all started to flow out of me. It was magic.” This is a powerful episode. I can’t wait to hear your takeaways. Please share with your friends!

“It works. You just have to keep going and it may take a long time. And you have to forget about the how. You can’t know how it’s going to happen. It’s just going to line up for you and it’s going to line up when you least expect it. And not in the way you think.”

- Jen Gottlieb

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