Find Your Awesome with Elizabeth Lyons


Elizabeth Lyons is a 4X bestselling author who is obsessed with entrepreneurs’ backstories (and coffee). She helps entrepreneurs write, publish and launch their first book so they can grow their brand, expand their impact, increase their influence and leave a legacy. 

Elizabeth’s books include Expecting Twins: What to Expect When You're Expecting Two, Holy Shit...l'm Having Twins: The Definitive Guide to Remaining Calm When You're Twice as Freaked Out, Ready or Not...There We Go! The REAL Experts' Guide to the Toddler Years with Twins, You Cannot Be Serious: and 32 Other Rules that Sustain a (Mostly) Balanced Mom and the forthcoming Enough: The Simple Path to Everything You Want…A Field Guide for Perpetually Exhausted Entrepreneurs.

Elizabeth is sassy and brilliant and a whole lot of fun. Join us for a wild ride as we dive into creativity, parenting, entrepreneurship, conscious uncoupling and belonging. Elizabeth shares her thoughts on the power of surrender and walks us through how to get what we want.

“Regardless of where you are right now and what you have, you have and are enough right where you are. You grow from there.”

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