Find Your Awesome with Sara Marie


Sarah Marie is an Intuitive Life Coach and Medium who helps others get connected to their own intuition, alignment and happiness. Ever since she was little, Sarah heard her inner voice tell her she was meant to make a big difference in the world. She had an ideal childhood, but suffered from extreme anxiety. Throughout high school, she spiraled, trying everything from eating disorders to drugs to run from her anxiety. Once she became a wife and a mother, she started suffering from panic attacks, depression and feelings of being overwhelmed. She had hit rock bottom.

After five years of therapy, four life coaches, countless energy healers, two bachelor’s degrees, hundreds of books, embracing her mediumship, life coaching school, investing over $100,000 in her personal development path plus a strong belief that she was meant for more, Sarah broke free from her own hell. Sarah found that all the answers she’d been searching for were within her and embraced the healing gifts she’d been given.

Sarah and I talked about her path to mediumship, how to get in alignment and conscious parenting. AND she channeled my deceased grandmother. This is a fun  and magical episode for anyone interested in upleveling their life. 

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