Find Your Awesome with Frank Macri


Frank Macri:
“What if you said yes to connection and no to your fears?”

Frank Macri is the President and Founder of Namasgay, an organization that brings together thousands mindful LGBTQ people looking to connect to themselves and others on a deeper level. Namasgay also supports purpose-driven LGBTQ leaders looking to start careers as public speakers. Every year, Namasgay hosts an annual Summit bringing together people wanting to find their voice and thrive in their spirituality, relationships and careers.

Frank’s background is in Leadership Development Training and Business Coaching. He has spoken internationally and mentored over 1,000 highly successful leaders, including a 3-time Emmy Award winner. Frank has partnered with one of the world’s most prestigious coaching institutes, where he trained hundreds of coaches on becoming influential leaders in their businesses and communities.

In this episode, Frank and I talk about his transition from being weighed down by shame and wanting to hide to wanting to stand out, be seen and lead a movement. We talk about fear, connection and leaps of faith. This is a fun, energizing conversation. If you need a kick in the pants to let yourself shine, listen up!


“By doing what felt right rather than what felt safe, that’s where I was able to open up to my truth and attract all these new possibilities for my life, for my spirituality, and all the opportunities that came my way after that.”

“When you ask for something big, the universe is going to ask you, ‘are you one foot in or are you two feet in?’”

“If we want to show up as conscious leaders, part of that journey is connecting with the creator inside us, connecting with that voice that says, ‘you are unstoppable, you can make things happen no matter what and you don’t need to let fear, doubt or circumstance tell you that you can’t do something.’ Because you can.”

“What if you said yes to connection and no to your fears?”

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