Find Your Awesome with Laura and Geo Villegas


Laura and Geo Villegas on Choosing Love Over Fear

Laura and Geo Villegas are the love, passion, drive and chief eternal optimists behind Baby Rhino Multisport. As lifelong athletes, they wanted to bring trendsetting, high performance athletic apparel to people regardless of age or size. And they wanted to use their brand to make a difference, which is why they created Baby Rhino with a cause: To inspire change and pay it forward by supporting charities that help Save the Rhino, Save the Planet, and take a stand against cancer.   

The philosophy of Baby Rhino is that the average person can accomplish extraordinary goals. Laura and Geo want to encourage people to live life to its fullest. They believe that life is short and that we must pursue adventures; train and race hard; show love to others; challenge ourselves to pursue new goals; and make a difference in the world around us while having fun living an active lifestyle. The Rhino is known as a living unicorn and is the embodiment of power, strength, and loyalty—a reminder that you can't judge a book by its cover. Baby Rhino Multisport believes that everyone can be fashionable and sun-safe while pursuing their fitness goals and that we can all make a difference by paying it forward in our communities.  

In this episode, Laura and Geo talk about the baby steps they’ve taken to get Baby Rhino Multisport off the ground, the sacrifices they’ve made and their deeper missions to support athletes and support endangered rhinos. AND they share their experiences with some serious health challenges and how they continue to follow their passions despite these obstacles. This is an inspiring episode! Enjoy!

Barking credit: That’s Lola. Apparently she’s a bit of a drama queen AND she’s adorable.


“You can do it. It’s not going to be easy and it’s going to take time. But you can do it.”

“Fear is something that really grips you. Whether it’s in a relationship, fear of failure, fear of being without (of sacrifice), if you stay in that fear, it’s paralyzing. But if you liberate yourself from it—when you focus on the love and what you want to do, this is our dream, this is our passion, this is our love—then it wipes away the fear.”

“Everybody has stuff. Don’t focus on the stuff. Focus on love, not fear.”

“Don’t be a bitch.”

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